Nano Fractional RF

Venus Viva™ Nano Factional RF technology is an advanced, non-surgical solution for skin resurfacing.

It combines NanoFractional Radio Frequency and SmartScan™ technology to reduce the appearance of acne scars and other scars, stretch marks, rosacea, enlarged pores, deep wrinkles, and uneven skin texture and pigmentation.

Rejuvenate the face, neck and décolletage or treat stretch marks or scarring on the body.



How does Venus Viva work?

NanoFractional™ Radio Frequency is delivered via a patented tip technology that creates micro-wounds in the skin to activate the natural wound healing process.

The high temperatures cause collagen remodelling and triggers neocollagenesis. Surrounding intact skin serves as a reservoir for stem cells and relevant proteins which means faster healing and less downtime.

Nano Fractional RF tightens and firms lax skin, diminishes deep lines and folds, decreases visible pores for improved skin texture, minimises scars including Acne scars. 



Nano Fractional RF FAQs

Nano Fractional RF is suited to all skin types and can be used to treat an array of anti ageing concerns, scarring and stretch marks. 

From loss of laxity on the neck and décolletage, to deep lines and furrows on the lower face, to acne scarring and stretch marks.  

We recommend a course of three treatments at 4-6 week intervals. 

Nano Fractional RF takes approx. 30 minutes per treated area. 

The skin is prepared by cleansing and removing any oil or residue. The ablative handpiece works its way over the area to be treated, with multiple passes and customised settings that depend on the individual area and person. 

Numbing cream may be applied 30 mins prior to treatments. 

Immediately after your treatment your skin will feel warm, tight and slightly sensitive. Erythema will be present and will remain for approx 24 hours. 

It’s important not to use any skincare or make up products for 24-36 hours post treatment to allow your skin to heal. 

We recommend a course of 3 treatments performed at 4 weekly intervals for best results. 

Results begin to appear 3-4 weeks post treatment and imporve throughout the duration of your course. 

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