Mesoestetic Perth

Mesoestetic Mesoeclat Perth

Mesoestetic Mesoéclat® is a professional treatment for immediate-action rejuvenation, reducing wrinkles and the visible signs of ageing. 

Mesoéclat® delivers a rejuvenating effect that illuminates and revitalizes the face, quickly achieving skin that is smooth and uniform.

Mesoestetic Perth
mesoestetic mesoeclat perth reduce wrinkles

Mesoestetic Mesoeclat Perth

Mesoeclat Perth

Skin ageing is the process of degradation of the skin produced by the inexorable passage of time. The skin cells lose the capacity to perform their functions correctly, reducing the elasticity and flexibility of the skin.

The mesoéclat® method consists in the simultaneous use of three complementary systems aimed at boosting skin luminosity, to facilitate the elimination of the outermost epidermal layers and to deeply moisturize, which will soften small facial wrinkles.

Its action focuses on promoting the body’s defenses and cell renewal mechanisms, supplying the skin with all the necessary elements for optimal nourishment and hydration. 

Mesoeclat FAQs

Mesoeclat is for those who want long term rejuvenation, a uniform skin tone and improved skin structure. 

Excellent for ageing, delicate skin. 

The complete treatment includes 5 sessions that are performed in 5 stages:

Stage I: preparation of the skin. Cleansing and toning the skin of the neckline, neck and face.

Stage II: application of the Mesoéclat solution, containing salicylic acid and azelaic acid, that has a peeling action on the skin and acts by encouraging cellular renewal, thus helping to reduce imperfections.

Stage III: application of the Mesoéclat ampoule, a powerful combination of organic silica, chondroitin sulfate, L-carnitine and lipoic acid, that has an important regenerating action on the elastic and collagen fibers in addition to a hydrating, antioxidant and cell energizing effect.

Stage IV: enhancement: for intense skin hydration, apply the hydra vital face mask or crystal fiber mask, leaving to work for 20 minutes.

Stage V: finishing: apply the post-procedure fast skin repair cream, followed by a high-factor sunscreen. 

Stage VI: Home maintenance. After performing the complete treatment the professional will give you Mesoéclat cream to maintain and prolong the results obtained in the salon.

Each treatment takes one hour and sessions are performed at fortnightly intervals. 

Results are seen after each treatment with greater improvements visible in the coming weeks. 

After treatment, the skin may be tight, dry and peel. However improvements in complexion, clarity and the reduction of wrinkles will be visible straight away, as will luminosity in the skin. 

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mesoeclat perth

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