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Imagine being able to have the perfect tan in just 5 minutes without the dangers of UV and premature ageing skin from hours out in the harsh Perth sun! 

Our beauty salons in Perth use MoroccanTan Spray Tan,  the healthy way to achieve that bronzed tan we all desire. Rapid tans that can be rinsed in as little as one hour are available, along with a wide range of shades and tones that suit all skin types.  

MoroccanTan is available in our Mullaloo salon only.

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Perth Spray Tan

Tanning FAQs

  • MoroccanTan® is the ORIGINAL infused Argan oil spray tan with 30 minutes, 1, 2 & 4 hour fast acting tanning solutions. 
  • Non Oily, quick drying, paraben and PEG-Free products work to achieve a flawless, refined finish that leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth and intensely hydrated.
  • Cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, MoroccanTan® offers a range of shades to suit all desires – from deep ashy brown to rich violet bronzers that adapt to individual skin tones. 
  • Professional tanning formulas include ‘The Originals’, ‘The Exotics’ and ‘Accelerated’ collections. 
  • The Originals collection is a plant based formulation that develops in 2 hours. It offers a range of DHA percentages to suit different skin types, Including Gold 8%, Original 10% , Bronze 12% and Coco 14%. 
  • The Exotics collection is a violet based solution with a deep bronze hue. Moroccan Nights is a 15% DHA solution that develops in 1 hour and Moroccan Dusk is an 11% solution that develops in 2 hours. 
  • When there’s no time to spare, the Accelerated solution, 16% DHA develops and can be rinsed off in just 30 minutes. 
  • Please note that for all fake tans that can be rinsed in 30 mins – 4 hours, development continues for up to 24 hours. 
  • Cleanse and exfoliate your entire body, paying particular attention to rough skin areas like knees, ankles, heels and the tops of your feet. 
  • Shave or wax at least 24 hours prior to receiving your spray tan.
  • Avoid the use of deodorants, moisturisers, perfume and make-up (if possible), as these may inhibit the effectiveness of the MoroccanTan® tanning solution.
  • Our tanning technicians will help you to choose the tanning solution that will best give you the colour you desire. 
  • When getting your spray tan, you may wear as little as you like or a full bathing suit. Most people wear our disposable G-string that we provide.
  • Your spray tan will be professionally applied in a private booth by a certified MoroccanTan® technician, using one of our leading MoroccanTan® tanning solutions. The process only takes about 5 minutes after which your skin will feel touch dry. 
  • You will immediately notice a completely natural-looking tan that will continue to develop over the next 5 to 12 hours. Tans can be showered off between 30mins and 4 hours depending on the chosen solution. 
  • If you have highly sensitive skin we recommend a small localised test spray to check your skin compatibility before having your MoroccanTan® spray.
  • Once your tan is applied you must leave it to dry completely. Your tanning technician will advise how long you must wait before having a shower. 

  • We recommend wearing dark, loose fitting clothing to wear after your tan. Tanning solution may rub off and can stain lighter clothing and leather. 

  • Do not exercise or perspire excessively between the tanning and the showering phase. When showering, do not be concerned if some of the initial bronzer washes off, this is simply the guide colour and your skin will continue to tan. 

  • If you would like to extend the life of your spray tan  apply MoroccanTan® Tan Extender daily. 

  • Spray tanning solution DOES NOT contain a sunscreen so please ensure to continue to wear SPF 30 daily, 

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Spray Tan Perth

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