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The world’s leading pigmentation treatment, Cosmelan® is effective against all types of spots of melanin origin, such as: melasma, chloasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), solar, senile lentigo and freckles.

Cosmelan® is suitable for all types of skins and ethnicities.

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Cosmelan Pigmentation Treatment

Cosmelan is an intensive facial peel that regulates the overproduction of melanin in the melanocytes, inhibiting and controlling the appearance of new dark spots. It’s dual corrective and controlling action achieves long-term results by controlling hyperpigmentation.

Cosmelan includes an in clinic treatment and included homecare routine. Your post treatment pack includes a gentle cleanser, rehydrating mask, SPF 50+ and Cosmelan 2 Cream.


Cosmelan FAQs

Cosmelan is for those who want to erase all types of pigmentation including melasma, chloasma and other skin pigmentation, who want a clearer complexion, even skin tone and softer skin.

Cosmelan is an all-in-one treatment to obtain short and long-term results thanks to its dual action: corrective and regulating.

Corrective Action: it removes the deposits of melanin, a pigment that gives colour to the spot in the outermost skin layers

Regulating action: it acts directly in the melanocyte, a cell where melanin is produced, to control its production and keep hyperpigmentation under control.

The Cosmelan® protocol has four differentiated phases required to reach the target result.

It is a long process where persistence and compliance with the protocol, as indicated, are key to achieve a successful final result.

Phase one is an intensive depigmentation treatment that takes place in clinic.

Your specialist applies the cosmelan mask, which is left on the skin at home for 8-12 hours.

At the time indicated by your specialist, you will remove the mask carefully with warm water until is has been completely eliminated.

For 24-48 hours after removal, skin will feel sensitive, tight and appear quite red.

48-72 hours after removal you will begin phase two and home care.

48-72 hours after removing the cosmelan mask, treatment continues at home.

The corrective action of the method must be completed, regulating the overproduction of melanin. To keep the melanocyte (the cell where melanin is produced) under control, we begin the daily application of Cosmelan 2 cream together with melan recovery serum and melan 130+ pigment control SPF.

Application guidelines:

Apply cosmelan 2 cream three times a day (morning, midday and night) followed by melan recovery and melan 130+ pigment control during daytime applications.

In this phase, the skin can be irritated, sensitive and will begin to peel. you can feel itching, burning and a tight, dry sensation in the skin.

This is a normal part of the process and together with the peeling, your pigmentation spots will bein to visibly fade.

We continue to treat the problems: localised overproduction of pigment to prevent these spots from reappearing and to even out the skin tone progressively.

In this phase, we apply cosmelan 2 morning and night, followed by melan recovery and melan 130+ pigment control at daytime.

In this phase, your skin will feel renewed. Imperfections will be reduced and the skin will glow.

In this phase, recurrence of the treated spots and formation of new spots is prevented.

Apply Cosmelan 2 cream at night, followed by melan recovery. At daytime, apply melan 130+ pigment control.

In this phase you will notice that your skin has recovered its hydration levels, has stabilised and looks even and renewed.

The cosmelan® method consists of four phases which are necessary to achieve the target result. Intensive depigmentation in phase 1 and treatment for home use in phases 2, 3 and 4. The total duration of treatment is about 6 months, that can change based on the severity of the case.

The most significant change takes place a few weeks after applying the mask in clinic, it improves skin texture and spots decrease noticeably. This can give a misleading feeling of success. During this period melanin has been removed from the outermost skin layers, and therefore we see the spot much more faded and the skin smoother and softer, but the origin of the problem has not been controlled yet. The melanocyte, a cell where melanin is produced, is still uncontrolled and continues to produce pigment (melanin) in excess. To re-educate the melanocyte and control this overproduction, it is important to continue a home treatment with regulating action, so that the cell returns to a normal active state and therefore prevent spots from reappearing.

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Cosmelan costs $1400, Including one in salon cosmelan treatment, Homecare pack and two Omnilux LED Light Treatments.

Cosmelan® can be used at any time of the year, though it is advisable to do it at times when sun exposure is not so intense or prolonged, such as the winter and autumn.

If you apply the treatment in the summer, you must take greater care and use a very high sunscreen, such as melan 130+ pigment control and avoid completely very intense and prolonged sun exposure.

If you do not follow the home regimen, you are interrupting the treatment and will therefore not obtain the expected results. Not applying cosmelan 2 depigmenting cream with regulating action involves not regulating the melanocyte and, therefore, a persistent uncontrolled, excessive production of melanin. The spot will reappear as the skin layers are renewed, as melanin migrates to the surface making the spot increasingly evident.

Not using photoprotection, melan 130+ pigment control, involves a very high risk that the spot returns, as skin is more sensitive and receptive to external aggressions during the treatment.

During at least the first three months of the method, it is not recommended to use any other type of minimally invasive treatment that can cause a skin lesion, as well as peels, microneedling, exfoliations, etc., as it can even cause repigmentation. It is advisable to use soothing and regenerating treatments both in clinic and at home in case it is needed.

In the last months where we reduce the application guidelines of cosmelan 2 only to the night, we can combine it with treatments that help prolong the results, such as melan tran3x concentrate and melan tran3x gel-cream.

After an adequate professional treatment, excess pigmentation can be removed visibly. However, it is a dynamic process, where the imbalance forming them can cause their recurrence. Therefore, even if the spots are not seen, it is essential to apply a daily regulatory depigmentation treatment and photoprotection throughout the year to prevent repigmentation.

A daily treatment routine is essential to preventing further pigmentation damage, combining a depigmentation treatment, such as melan tran3x, with a high photoprotector such as melan 130+ pigment control.

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perth cosmelan pigmentation treatment

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