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Shellac Gel Polish | Hands


High-shine nails for 14 + day wear with ZERO dry time!
Perfect for those who are on the go and require long lasting gorgeous nails!

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Classic Shellac – Fingers only (Perth Central), Classic Shellac – Toes only (Perth Central), Classic Shellac – Fingers & Toes (Perth Central), French Shellac – Fingers only (Perth Central), French Shellac – Toes only (Perth Central), French Shellac – Fingers & Toes (Perth Central), Classic Shellac – Fingers only (other salons), Classic Shellac – Toes only (other salons), Classic Shellac – Fingers & Toes (other salons), French Shellac – Fingers only (other salons), French Shellac – Toes only (other salons), French Shellac – Fingers & Toes (other salons)

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