Ha Densimatrix 30ml


Multi-molecular hyaluronic concentrate. Hydrating and filling.

Intensive concentrate that combines hyaluronic acid in several molecular structures for penetration at different levels. Provides a visible anti-ageing, plumping and filling action. All types of skin.

It contains ha densimatrix complex, a combination of HA (cross-linked, high, middle and low) for long-lasting deep moisturising. The action of anti-hyaluronidase complex helps protect the skin against the signs of HA degradation caused by external aggressions.

antiaging pro complex supports collagen and elastin synthesis providing the skin with visible firmness and elasticity.

Key Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Anti-hyaluronidase, Antiaging Pro Complex.

How to use: Apply 3–4 drops over cleansed and dry skin, and massage until completely absorbed. Apply before the regular treatment cream.

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