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10 Tips for Youthful Skin

Want younger looking skin? We've got you covered! Check out our top 10 tips to keep your skin looking young. 1. Omnilux A healing, texture improving anti ageing LED light treatment which rejuvenates and illuminates the skin. Omnilux stimulates the body's natural process to ... Read more

The Perfect Cat Eye

Have you ever attempted the elusive cat eye but instead ended up with eyes in opposite directions and liner all over the place? Don't worry you're not alone! We have a fool-proof method for the perfect cat eye and it won’t break the bank because all you need ... Read more

Why You Need a Massage Now

There are many benefits to massage aside from just relaxation and relieving aching muscles. Massages can also reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, release endorphins, increase circulation and boost the body`s immune system through detoxification. At Skindeep, you can compliment your massage with an Infrared ... Read more

TLC for your skin this winter!

Everyone needs a little TLC, especially in winter! It's easy to get complacent with your skin care routine during the cooler months, but it's actually the perfect time to pay some extra attention to it, and get your skin feeling and looking fabulous. I love ... Read more

Permanent Hair Reduction – what are you ACTUALLY getting?

Removing hairs with laser and light is all the same right? IPL, SPL, EPL… so many acronyms, so little time! You’ve probably seen plenty of these coming through on group buying sites and think you’re getting yourself a bargain – but do you really ... Read more

Keep Your Make-Up Fresh from AM to PM

Rachael, Skindeep's Operations Manager, gives us her top tips for flawless make-up that lasts all day and into the night! Don`t you just hate when you apply your picture perfect make-up in the morning but by the end of the day, you end up looking ... Read more

Rachael’s Luscious Lip Enhancements

Like any new experience, my first time round having my lips injected was a daunting thought. I had always wanted fuller lips, as my top lip was bascially non-existent, however the “Duck Lip Look” seen on some celebrities was complete of a turn off! I had ... Read more

Helen’s Waxing Wisdom

The other night on A Current Affair, there was a report on hair removal including IPL, waxing and shaving, and how when administered by the wrong people, there can be some devastating results. It got me thinking about how far waxing has come since ... Read more

All About Peels

What are Chemical Peels? Peeling (exfoliation) is a natural process. Chemical peeling is an accelerated form of exfoliation induced by the use of a chemical agent. Peels are really a matching game. You need to successfully match the depth of the peel with the depth of ... Read more

Take five with Chelsie from Skindeep Mullaloo

Hi! My name is Chelsie, I’m a Paramedical Therapist at Skindeep Medi-Spas and I love my job! What is your favourite treatment to treat yourself to? I am a massive fan of our Infrared Detox Sauna! The booth works to detox by using naturally occurring ... Read more
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