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Is organic skincare always better?

Lately, the organic flag is being flown everywhere – from food and drink, to hair care, make up and skincare. So what does organic even mean when it comes to skincare, and is actually a good option for you? We asked Skindeep Floreat Manager, Denise, to give us the low down when it comes to organic, natural and non-organic skincare products. Whilst health professionals say organic food might be the best option when it comes to your health inside your body, it’s not always to same case when it comes to your organic skincare. People are under the impression that once something says organic on the packaging or label, it’s immediately better for you, gentler and will have no side effects. But when it comes to your skin, this is not necessarily true. Untitled-1

What does ‘organic’ mean?

Firstly not many products that claim to be organic are true organic. To be true organic means absolutely no preservatives, fillers or parabens – just 100% natural. This means that to keep these products fresh, they must be kept in the fridge to prevent them going off and changing. But if you walk into any department store or skincare store, you’ll see ‘organic’ products on the shelf. Now if these were truly organic, they would have gone off within a few days/weeks of sitting on the shelf. aco-logoJust as you would check the label of food products you are buying, you should check the ingredients listed in your skincare products as well. There are a lot of marketing tricks that can make a product appear to be natural and organic, but aren’t necessarily. If you are looking for an organic or natural skincare alternative, look for a logo from an independent organic certifying body. If the logo is on the front, it means the product is 95% organic content with the remaining 5% being naturally sourced. If it’s on the back, it’s 75% organic. We’ve found that organic products tend to be more expensive than their non-organic counterparts, and they may also be less stable than non-organic products. Basically, because of the way they are formulated, they lack the compounds and ingredients that keep shelf life and keep the actual product from changing. This causes products to go off quickly, grow bacteria and change, potentially causing adverse reactions.

Organic vs Natural

Priori_CoffeeBerry_Day_Complex At Skindeep, we opt for a product range that have 100% natural ingredients (source). This means that all of the ingredients found within the product have been sourced directly from plants or minerals, and have had minimal to no processing. We find that it’s a great alternative for those who are looking for a more natural approach to their skincare products. Our Priori Coffeeberry range is a 100% natural, anti-ageing skincare mineral range which is also eco-friendly. We’ve seen some great results from this product and have had some great feedback from our clients. We also have a coffeeberry facial if you wanted a natural treatment in salon. If you are looking at moving to a more natural option for your make up, we suggest looking into a mineral make up range like Youngblood. The products have great coverage, are long lasting and don’t contain chemical dyes, artificial colours or fragrances and aren’t tested on animals.

So what’s best for you?

Of course the most important thing is to find a product that works well with your skin, fits into your budget and lifestyle. Some people prefer using natural and organic products, as they generally tend to be more eco and animal friendly. And for others, non-organic products give them better results on an on-going basis. Non-organic products have come a long way in the last few years, with a lot of the harsh ingredients previously found in them, having been removed. The whole way the products work has changed. No longer do the products work to strip the skin, which through causing damage, forces it to grow new healthy skin. Now it’s all about building up the skin and nourishing with ingredients that are proven to be effective with minimum side effects. If you’d like to discuss which products would be best suited for your skin type and needs, please contact one of our skin therapists to find out more!   Written by Skindeep Therapist and Floreat Manager. Sources: Organic Skincare: how to spot the difference between real and fake.

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