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Add some glow into dry, dull skin

Dry, dull skin that just needs something more? My name is Oni and welcome to my life. I have been very blessed with my skin in regards to never suffering from acne or oily skin or pigmented etc; however I do have that dry, flaky skin that has that overall lack of radiance. The problem with having dry skin is that you tend to look under the weather or tired or lifeless throughout the day, your makeup doesn’t help as it either causes the flakiness to become more apparent or doesn’t slide on well and looks uneven. Dry skin also ages quicker than others. Since working at Skindeep I have found a few tips that can give you that glowing plump skin you have always dreamed of.

First tip; actually drink water!

shutterstock_82410157 (1) Caffeine dehydrates the skin making it appear lifeless. Everything that happens on the inside will show on the outside. I myself have found a huge difference in my skin and overall wellbeing since upping my water intake to at least 3-4L a day, this was very hard for me to accomplish as I have never been that keen on drinking water, it takes time and quite a few trips to the toilet but persevere and you will be happier for it.

Tip two; please please please remove your makeup at the end of the day!

No matter which type of makeup you use, it will always dry the skin out and make it appear lifeless if left on overnight. Leaving your make up on means the skin cannot breath but also cannot eliminate correctly, which then might lead to breakouts or blackheads. An active cleanser everyday will remove your makeup and help with the tone and healthiness of your skin. Once you have began hydrating from the inside its time to look at the outside. Flaky skin; this is generally caused by a build up of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin that just hasn’t separated fully. This is when most people are like “just exfoliate” or “give it a scrub, it will be fine” when really this is the complete opposite to what you want to do. When your skin is that dry, it is flaking your skins barrier may be impaired so exfoliating it is actually just irritating the skin, which then I turn becomes red and reactive. Fruit EnzymeThis is where I found the Aspect Fruit Enzyme Mask comes in and saves the day. The enzymes act like little pac men and eat up the dead skin on the surface and straight away you feel and see a difference. The skin will just feel heavenly as the dead skin has been removed, but you haven’t stripped or irritated the skin. And an added plus is that your makeup is just going to glide on! You will find after using the fruit enzyme mask that the skin looks dewy and fresh not red and irritated like it might with a scrub. I myself have this as a permanent part of my home care routine now and can be used daily. As we want to hydrate from the inside and out we would really like a moisturiser that compliments this by stimulating our own water content in the skin not just stopping any epidermal water loss. The Aspect SMC (super moisturising complex) is such a moisturiser. This moisturiser isn’t one of those thick creams that leaves us feeling heavy and sticky. Believe it or not you don’t need to lather your skin with thick lotions to hydrate it, it’s all about the active ingredients and how they are going to help hydrate the skin from the inside. I have found that the SMC with its botanical extracts and hyaluronic acid has done this for me and many clients. OmniluxOne of those people who love some pampering but still want some results? An Omnilux LED Light Therapy treatment will give you that added boost your lifeless skin needs, whilst will still have you feeling relaxed and looked after. This can be added onto any facial or just done by itself. LED light therapy treatments work on the concept of different wave lengths of light to stimulate the cells to do different things. There are three different lights with the omnilux, the ones you should focus on are the red and white. The red light is our rejuvinating light, this will stimulate the skins cells to work at their optimal level-kind of like a little energy kick, plumping them up and making sure everything you out on your skin after will work at its best and plumping the skin right up by increasing the blood flow. The white light is our healing light this will stimulate the healing of the skins barrier thus helping with water loss and an added plus is that this stimulates collagen and elastin therefore anti ageing – who wouldn’t want that?! Like that deep clean that will leave you feeling fresh and plump? Microdermabrasion or peels will help to resurface your skin by removing the dead skin cells laying on the top giving you that dull, rough and lifeless look. I have found that doing thorough resurfacing treatments once a month or every few, will leave your skin feeling soft and radiant and help you feel better about your skin and yourself. Peels can also target other concerns such as ageing or pigmentation, to name a few. Always remember when you have dry skin the most important thing you can do is drink heaps of water – especially in our summer months! I have found just doing these few things have made such a difference in my skin as well as confidence and hope that you find them to be as helpful as i have. Thanks for reading and please feel free to contact our Skin Therapists if you would like any more information. Thanks again Oni, Skindeep Central therapist.  

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