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Stop the Spots!

Oh no – what’s that I see on my chin… It’s the dreaded blemish. And just in time for the weekend! Don’t despair, therapist Harriet from Skindeep Mullaloo gives us her top tips for stopping the spots.
Tip number one
The first and most important rule do not pick or squeeze any blemishes that appear. I know it’s tempting – but you’re just going to make it worse, and more obvious than what it would have been if you just let it run it’s course.
Tip number two
Make sure skin is clean by using a clarifying mask. My absolute fav is the clarifying mask from CosMedix. It works to unclog pores by drawing out the impurities and absorbing any excess oil to make your skin look clearer and healthier. Key ingredients:
  • Salicylic Acid helps fight the appearance of spots
  • Kaolin Clay and Sulfur absorb pore clogging impurities and oils
  • Vitamin C, Willow Herb and Allantoin calm and soothe irritable, problem skin
  To use, simply prepare skin by cleansing it first and then apply a small amount of the mask to your face. Leave for 3-10 minutes and gently rinse off with warm water. Apply your eye cream, corrector serum and moisturiser and you’re good to go!
Tip number three
Less is more! Don’t go overboard with foundations, powders and concealers trying to cover the blemish. A light dusting of mineral makeup like the Youngblood range is all you need to cover and let the area breathe. The more products you add to the spots, the more obvious it becomes that there is something underneath it. So just remember – it’s not the end of the world if your skin breaks out! But if you would like some more advice or treatments, then get in contact with our skin therapists who would love to help!

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