Putting make up on before going to the gym may sound a little silly – but if you find yourself rushing between work and your workout – do you take the time to stop and cleanse your face first? After a full day of wearing foundation, blush, mascara etc, it’s easy to simply forget that you have it on. But it pays to spend that extra time removing your make up before you get your sweat on. Skindeep Therapist, and Floreat Manager, Denise, explains to us why make up free is the best way to be.

Our bodies are truly amazing. Body temperature regulation is just one of the wonderful processes that happen within our body when we start exercising. As we start moving and getting warmed up, our body recognises that it’s heating up and starts to try and cool it down through the production of sweat. As we start to sweat, our pores relax and get larger to allow the excretion of sweat and sebum.

1125123471If we are wearing make up whilst we are working out, then this won’t allow our skin to breathe properly. The make up will then start to seep into our enlarged pores, and once our body starts cooling down again post workout, and our pores start to close, the dirt and grime will be trapped within that layer of the skin. This may cause breakouts, blackheads and a dull complexion.

So in order to avoid the pre workout break out – gently cleanse your skin prior to hitting the gym, with a cleanser that doesn’t contain any drying ingredients such as soap or sulphur. My go to cleanser is the Priori Gentle Facial Cleanser. We also want to avoid slapping on a heavy moisturiser during this routine as well, as it’ll just sweat off. If your skin feels dry and tight after your cleanse, then use a light weight serum or moisturiser, that penetrates quickly, to avoid this happening.

If you’re taking your workout out side, then remember to use some SPF to prevent sun damage. Try an oil free light weight one like True Solutions All Day Moisture SPF 30+, to avoid that greasy feeling you can sometimes get from sunscreen!

If after all this you still can’t bear the idea of going to the gym bare faced, then a few changes to your make up can help. Try using a mineral foundation that contains no nasties such as mineral oil or fragrances and are non-comedogenic or go with a lightweight oil free tinted moisturizer.

Along with your post workout snacks, make sure you give you skin the attention it deserves and cleanse to remove it of any sweat or dirt build up that happened during your exercising.

All your good work can be undone with a small wipe of your sweat towel. Gym towels can be rife with bacteria, so when you go to wipe your face with it, the bacteria can be transferred onto your skin. Use a gentle fragrance free, washing powder to wash your towel between workouts – and just be careful where you place it as mats, machines and floor at the gym, may not be the cleanest place.

So remember, whilst you’re looking after your body through exercise – make sure you’re looking after your skin by working out make up free!