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Why You Need a Massage Now

There are many benefits to massage aside from just relaxation and relieving aching muscles. Massages can also reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, release endorphins, increase circulation and boost the body`s immune system through detoxification. hot_stone_massageAt Skindeep, you can compliment your massage with an Infrared Detox Session to assist in the detoxifying process. It will also help to relieve aches and pains and increase weight loss.  A detox prior to your massage will warm and soften the muscle tissue, making for a more effective massage treatment, whilst focusing on all other benefits. At Skindeep we offer a wide variety of massage techniques to cater for the specific concerns of each individual. Some of our services include Pregnancy Massage, Hot Stone, Classic Swedish or Customised Massage to target specific areas. During the cooler months it is important to take extra care of your body and ensure you stay warm. Massages help to increase circulation and stimulate blood flow. So warm up today with our heated massage beds and treat your mind, body and soul by indulging in one of our massage treatments.    

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