Helen Golisano – Founder, Owner and DirectorThe other night on A Current Affair, there was a report on hair removal including IPL, waxing and shaving, and how when administered by the wrong people, there can be some devastating results. It got me thinking about how far waxing has come since I’ve been a therapist, and how some salons are yet to reach an acceptable standard when it comes to technology and hygiene.

Waxing is not as simple as is sounds. Whilst there are many different types of waxes and methods of removing the wax, skin and hair vary person to person and is so different over the body – from the legs to the bikini to the face, so it can’t be treated all the same.

Over my 30+ years in the industry, I have loved watching the evolution of waxing. When I first started out, we used this brown sticky hot wax, which used to be recycled. Yes, that’s right – recycled. When I told my girls about this, they couldn’t believe it.

Next came strip wax, which we used a metal spatula to wipe it on the skin, and calico to rip it off. At the time, this seemed revolutionary compared to the old-fashioned, unhygienic, time consuming recycled hot brown wax.waxing(web-res)

The next big notable improvement in wax came when they started introducing hot waxes, which contained added ingredients that soothed and nourished the skin at the same time. This really impressed me, as we able to give our clients additional benefits whilst making them hair free.

Around this time, salons had a bit of tunnel vision when it came to strip waxing and were using this method to wax all over the body. If you’ve ever had your Brazilian or bikini done with a strip wax, you’ll know what I mean when I say that it’s a very painful choice.

I played around with these new strip waxes, but after much testing and trialling on myself, friends and staff, I decided that some things need extra TLC and decided to stick with using hot wax on all areas of the body which were extra sensitive.

waxingThe new and improved hot wax – not the recycled hot wax, of course. This is when we started using Azulene hot wax – which we are still using today. We have trialled others, but have found that they either don’t get all the hairs out or they are too sticky to work with.

Strip wax was the ‘go-to’ for all larger areas of the body, such as the legs, as it was much faster to work with. But around 10 years ago, we were introduced to the roll on wax. This meant no more dripping wax on the floor, no more uneven wax temperature and it was really hygienic. I loved this!

These days, across our four salons we use roll on strips for legs, back and arms as it is quick, effective and hygienic. We use disposable hot Azulene wax for bikini and underarms. And as the skin on our face is different to the rest of the body, we utilise a special disposable hot wax which is more suitable for this area. To do eyebrows, for example, you need a flexible, soft wax for the best results.

We understand that skin all over the body is different, and we have tailored our waxing products to accommodate for that. We pride ourselves on providing the ultimate care when it comes to waxing.

What makes us different?

So you can see waxing isn’t just waxing and wax isn’t just wax… Not everything that is new is better but it really is imperative that we keep researching and trialling to make sure we bring you the best available results. We think that everybody deserves smoother, clearer skin. And we think there is nothing better than the feeling of sliding into bed with freshly waxed legs!