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Top Tips with Shivaun

We’ve asked Shivaun from Como some of her top tips for post travel skin and what products she’s loving! Top Treatment for tired travellers: I would recommend the Omnilux LED Light Therapy. It helps to wake the skin up and gets all your cells stimulated to produce more hydration in the skin! It’s a great ‘pick me up’ treatment when feeling tired or stressed. And its very relaxing, especially with a hand and arm massage! You walk out feeling refreshed and revived. Top 5 products:
  • My number one product would be my True Solution SPF50. I never leave the house without it! Sun damage is one of the main causes for ageing skin. And it may not even show on your skin, but it can damage deep into the layers of the skin. That’s why I have regular photos taken with our VISEA machine to see how my skin is doing in the deeper layers. I love True Solutions sunscreen especially in this Perth Sun!
  • My next choice would be my Hydropeptide Eye Cream. In this Perth heat in the summer, we have a lot of factors that can make our skin feel dehydrated, like aircon, or fine lines from squinting so we don’t have the bright sun in our eyes. Using my eye cream morning and night I wake up with refreshed looking eyes and they feel it to! With the peptides in it, it will help to diminish those fine lines and wrinkles, it also has crushed pearl in it to help reflect the light to reduce the appearance of dark circles.
  • The Priori Cellular Recovery Serum helps my skin look and feel great! Its helps to boost collagen and elastin, even out the skin and helps to hydrate also. My skin has never more felt smoother or plumper before using this product.
  • I use Aspect DR Multi B Plus Serum (Vitamin B) everyday. It feels great on the skin and its amazing for hydration. And we know hydration is one of the main keys to healthy skin! I say B is for boosting, as it helps any other vitamins penetrate deeper and it makes for faster results.
  • Rounding out my top five list is the Aspect Fruit Enzyme Mask. This product is PERFECT for people who don’t want a rough exfoliation or who have sensitive skin, like me! It looks and smells great. The enzymes help to gently exfoliate the skin, then you rub it in and you can actually FEEL little balls of skin forming! It makes you skin feel super smooth and no down time AT ALL! I find its perfect doing it before I put my mineral makeup on before I go out! I can see a difference in brightness and clarity in my skin from using this product.
  5 Reasons why your skin can be so dry:
  • Ageing: As you age, your skin slows down and needs some help keeping the hydration. I would recommend a richer moisturiser and Vitamin A to help exfoliate and speed up the skin.
  • Air-conditioning: This can really dehydrate the skin, especially if you work in an office where it is on constantly. Using a richer moisturiser will help but i would also recommend using Vitamin B as it is super hydrating for the skin and you can really feel a difference using it.
  • Stress: Stress can play a huge factor on dehydrated skin. It increases the hormone ‘Cortisol’ which damages the skins ability to hold on to water. I would recommend drinking plenty of water, and taking a good 30 minutes or more to relax, breathe and clear your mind.
  • Winter weather: When the temperature drops so does the humidity. Dry air leaves the skin parched. Make sure you are using the correct barrier protecting moisturisers and serums, AHA’s are a good to start with.
  • Soap: Soap strips the oils in the skin leaving it dry and flaky, sometimes itchy. This can create a damaged skin barrier causing other thing such as breakouts by over producing oil glands as the skin ‘thinks’ it too dry. Using AHA’s can repair the skin’s barrier and improve hydration, oil regulation, and feels and looks more healthy.

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