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Priori Advanced AHA Peel Case Studies

Skindeep offer a number of different professional peels to treat and refresh all types of skin types. The Priori AHA peels work to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, which in turn helps to improve the hydration and tone and texture of the skin. To further enhance the results of the peels, we recommend using the associated products pre and post treatment. Check out these amazing results from the Priori Skincare website.

Before & After Photos – Six-Week Treatment/Advanced AHA Skin Perfection Peel & Homecare Regimen

Real-Results-3-LG Client: Austin , Age: 17 Country: USA Treatment: Advanced AHA Skin Perfection Peel Home Skincare Products: Gentle Facial Cleanser, Perfection Facial Gel, Barrier Repair Complex x 2/day Skin condition before: Red, inflamed acne dehydrated, reactive & non-responding to medical treatment. Blocked pores, oily, congested skin Scarring from acne marks Skin condition after: Dramatic acne reduction; almost clearance. Refined pore size, improved skin barrier; less sensitive & rehydrated young skin – no scarring Quote from Therapist: “No More Accutane! Austin started with acne on his forehead and chin. He and his mother thought it was because of his football helmet; however, cleaning the helmet, as well as getting a new chin guard, did not help. They went to a dermatologist who put Austin on topical and oral doxycycline; that did not work, so they decided to try Accutane. At age 15, he had been using Accutane for a year. His face only got worse. The acne never cleared and started to spread to his entire face. He stopped using Accutane approximately one year ago because he didn’t like the side affects, nor was he seeing any benefit from it. So he came to see me – I decided to do a series of six Advanced AHA Perfection Peel and put him on the Advanced AHA product line. My future treatment plans for Austin were to include IPL treatments and Microdermabrasion, but he is doing so well with the products that we are holding off for the time. Less is more! And we are both so pleased and excited by the results!”

Before & After Photos – Single Advanced AHA Skin Perfection Peel

Real-Results-1-LG Client: Shirley Gibson, Age: 42 Country: UK Treatment: Advanced AHA Skin Perfection Peel Skin condition before: Post inflammatory pigmentation & slight scarring due to hormonal acne. Dehydration & wrinkles on neck Skin condition after: Dramatic skin improvement, re-hydrated, strengthened barrier function, smooth skin Quote from Therapist: “As a skin therapist, it’s incredibly satisfying to be able to treat a clients’ skin & see an immediate result with the ability to treat more than one concern at a time!”

Before & After Photos – Three-Week Treatment/Advanced AHA Skin Perfection Peel & Homecare Regimen

Real-Results-2-LG Client: Tatiana Sviridova, Age: 20 Country: Russia Treatment: Advanced AHA Skin Perfection Peel Home Skincare Products: Gentle Facial Cleanser, Perfection Facial Gel, Barrier Repair Complex x 2/day, Daily Defense SPF 30 x 1 Skin condition before: Large open pores, acne & angry, red, inflamed skin. Shiny & oily imbalanced skin. Blocked pores: comedones Skin condition after: “Smoother, less angry & inflammation on acne improvement. Hydrated, more even with refined pore size; a healthy shine from the complexion improvements – not the oil secretion. Clear areas around chin, hairline & cheeks. Plump, illuminated complexion.”

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