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The gift of IPL and a younger, youthful look…

The Story

This was the first time I had ever had anything like this done before. In fact, I have not been a person who frequents Beauty Therapists or day spas. It’s something to do with having been a single mum and never prioritizing this type of treatment. However, this was my 60th birthday and my gift to myself and from my two wonderful daughters who are more familiar with the benefits frequent treatments can have in skin quality. The reason I chose IPL Photorejuventation and Omnilux™ was to combat my age spot discolouration on my cheeks and hands, which was making me increasingly self conscious. I had tried a fading cream to try and remove the blemishes without success. I was very nervous at first about having this treatment – as my GP had been negative when I talked to him about laser therapy on my face. However, I had heard about Helen Golisano and her team at Skindeep and with my 60th birthday approaching, I decided to go to the experts. I had also attended a demonstration and showcase of their work at Hillarys last year and been impressed with their professionalism and passion about skin care.
I had researched a variety of different providers and Skindeep were highly rated by recipients of their treatments.
I had an initial consultation with Helen where my face was analysed with the Observ Skin Diagnosis machine at the salon. This was an interesting process where a special camera using an ultra violet light was used to record images of the skin. These images were used to document the “before” photos. It took about 10 minutes and then Helen talked to with the images in front of us to explain she would be doing. She also showed me some examples of other clients with similar discolouration marks and their before and after images gave me confidence to proceed with the treatment. Helen explained the treatment process, the time it would take and the timeline for healing.

The Treatment

I organised the treatment for a Friday as I was back to work on the Monday and wanted as little evidence as possible. I had organised to have an Omnilux™ healing treatment after the IPL. This was an hour process and I am so glad I did it this way. The IPL on my face and hands took around half an hour. Helen was amazing. It was a little uncomfortable, particularly around my nasal area. I was feeling a little off-colour that day so I think my skin was particularly sensitive. Having the treatment on the back of my hands was not nearly so uncomfortable as my face.
I was really glad I had chosen Helen to do this delicate work – she was amazing and very mindful of how I was feeling.
After my IPL treatment I had an Omnilux™ session, which is a healing form of treatment so the skin on my face looked pretty good afterwards. I noticed the IPL’d areas getting darker – which is what I was told would happen… The Omnilux™ treatment had an amazing side effect which was to dry out my cold – I would thoroughly recommend this as a treatment worth having if you have an important occasion and feel like you’re getting a cold. I was provided with good advice on how to look after my skin during the two week healing process before I was to return to Skindeep for a review. My skin felt fine although the age spots did get darker before the top layer of skin came off revealing a clearer look. For the week immediately after the treatment I wore make up and concealer to work to reduce the darkness of the healing IPL areas. The areas on my hands got very dark and I was quite self conscious. However, after 10 days or so they started to lighten as the old skin flaked off. Incredible!

The Results

I am extremely happy with the results if the IPL on both my hands and face.
My before, during and after photos reveal the improvement in the discolouration on my face and hands. I would definitely have the same treatment again but would only go to Skindeep and preferably with Helen, to ensure that such delicate work was being done by someone who knows what they are doing. I never felt uncomfortable, self conscious or awkward at the Skindeep salon. Although much of this work happens behind closed doors, I always trusted and felt safe in the hands of the therapists. The ladies who work there are young and beautifully made up and coiffed. This can be quite intimidating to older women who are becoming self conscious about their looks, but I felt safe, confirmable and supported during the whole treatment.  

Thanks to Helen and team for the wonderful work you do helping people.


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