IPL Hair Removal Perth

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is an effective way to permanently remove unwanted hair. It’s affordable, long-lasting and perfectly safe. Shaving (which is incredibly skin-damaging and time consuming) will become a thing of the past and will become more time and cost-effective than waxing! 

We have a dedicated IPL therapist at each one of our four salons. While IPL hair removal is extremely safe when administered correctly, only a trained professional should perform the treatment.

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ipl hair removal perth

Perth IPL Hair Removal

IPL treatments use specific wavelengths of light that are absorbed into the melanin within your hair follicles. The light then heats the follicles and breaks them down to prevent the hair from growing back.

Almost any area of the body can be treated including the under arms, legs, chin, upper lip, back, neck, G-string and Brazilian. As each follicle is at a different stage of growth, we recommend having treatments six to eight weeks apart depending on the area being treated, to ensure you’re permanently hair-free!

IPL Hair Removal FAQs

Once your skin is cleaned and primed, a cooling gel is spread over the treatment area. The IPL handpiece is then applied to the skin and pulses of light (shot) are released from the handpiece and begin to disable unwanted hair. If you have never experienced IPL before, we will test and monitor the area to ensure there are no reactions. You will feel a subtle ‘zap’ underneath the headpiece and but this varies from skin type to hair thickness.

Our state-of-the-art machine, the Lumenis Quantum, has an in-built cooling system which reduces the amount of heat felt in the skin. When the gel is removed, much of the treated hair is wiped off with it. The remaining hair in the treated area falls out over the next two weeks.

It’s important to note there are many different brands of IPL machines and they are NOT all created equal. There is a huge variation in the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of various machines, which is often reflected in the treatment pricing.

Quantum is a medical grade machine that has many settings, which include incredible power, variability of wavelength, colour spectrum, and pulse type to treat different skin conditions and skin types. This is so it does the job quickly and efficiently without the risk of damaging surrounding tissue.

When the procedure is completed, you experience some heat and/or redness on the area depending on the treatment intensity. Keeping cool under air-conditioning and using icepacks will reduce these symptoms.

Depending on your therapist’s recommendation and the area you are having treated, your next appointment should be scheduled four to six weeks later.

After receiving the IPL hair removal treatment, you can expect silky, smooth and hair-free skin! No longer will you have to worry about shaving, pesky in-grown hairs or an untamed bikini line!

We acknowledge that over the last 13 years since Skindeep medi-spas started doing IPL Hair Removal in Perth, there have been many changes in prices and results. It’s often difficult to understand the reasons behind this and therefore clients often go with the price point when choosing who they will get to do their treatments. We cannot compete with many cheap clinics as our technology, training and support is very different. However, we want to give our clients a point of difference, a guarantee with the peace of mind that not only will their hair removal work, it will be easy for them to budget.

Our Senior IPL technicians are trained to be thorough with their treatment and make it as pain-free as possible.

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perth ipl hair removal
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IPL Hair Removal Pricing

Fast, affordable, long lasting and SAFE. IPL Hair Removal treatments deliver incredible results in the permanent reduction of unwanted hair! 

Our technology is so effective that you will be hair free in as little as 4-6 weeks, requiring only annual top ups to maintain your results!

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IPL Hair Removal Combinations

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