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Cosmetic Physician

Skindeep Medi-Spas City and Mullaloo Salons take Cosmetic and anti ageing Treatments to the next level offering in salon Cosmetic Physicians.

Working in the City?

Why not pop into our Central Park medi-spa  in your lunch break for a quick wrinkle relaxer to relieve that grumpy look, also a great  help in slowing down ageing in the eye area. Or maybe you simply wish to have some fillers to make sure your lips are plump and gorgeous for the weekend… So simple and so convenient and parking directly under the salon.

Live in the Northern Suburbs

and don’t wish to travel into the inner city suburbs to have your wrinkle relaxers, etc performed.. Why not book into our Mullaloo medi-spa; easy parking, local and totally private perfect for you.

Our Cosmetic Physicians are available most days a week and even on Saturdays..

Look at your toughest wrinkle…

It took 10 years + to get there but in just 10 mins & you could do something about it!

You stress. You squint into the harsh sun. You concentrate. And over time, those expressions leave their mark on your face. You may have thought there wasn’t a lot you could do about it – But in fact there are simple, non-surgical procedures that can dramatically reduce even your toughest wrinkle within days. One ten-minute treatment – just a few tiny injections – reduces the appearance of facial lines for four months or longer. Plus, we can now also  perform longterm results useing  Fraxel Laser for deep lines on the face, neck and decolletage ..

So it’s really up to you. You can choose to live with wrinkles – or choose to live without them.

Skindeeps in salon fully qualified & experienced Cosmetic Physicans Dr David Ong and Dr Tandra Paul offer Cosmetic treatments including;

Specialising in combination treatments to make sure you look natural while helping enhance your  best features..

Book in now for a consultation to see how simple and effective non surgical treatments can be for your concerns. Full Anti Ageing Consultations are $70 with any of our Doctors and maybe redeemable upon treatment.

If you have scarring, skin defects that need concealing or maybe you have recently had Breast surgery and you require aerola restoration then our in salon experienced Cosmetic Tatooist ( Debra Miller) can help.