Skindeep Facials

Our facials are designed to use a combination of top-quality products and the expertise of our therapists to leave you looking and feeling amazing! We want your facial to be relaxing, enjoyable and effective, so it’s important that we get it right. Your skin is as individual as you are, so we have created a diverse range of luxurious facials to ensure there’s one that’s just perfect for you.

To ensure you get the maximum results from your treatment, we offer a complimentary Observ Skin Diagnosis with all peels and facials. Using a combination of photography under natural and UV light, the Visia enables us to fully assess your skin, so together we can discuss and decide on the best treatment to treat your skin concerns.

Customised Facial Treatments

Skin Discovery Facial

Skin Discovery Facial

A quick and easy introduction for the skin to discover the benefits of Cosmeceutical ingredients. Your Therapist will customise an express treatment to target your skin concerns, which includes a deep cleanse + exfoliation, skin correcting serum and specialised treatment masque.

Your treatment will finish with your Therapist applying essential ingredients to the skin for day to day wear, and advise you as to how to prolong the effects of your treatment and maintain healthy/glowing skin.

30 mins – $80

*Salon Secret* This time efficient, cost effective facial is amazing with a simple upgrade of a Customised Eye Treatment to boost the results of an awakened skin all round. Only $20.

Customised Deep Cleanse

Deep Cleanse Facial

The perfect treatment to gently reach deep down into your pores, allowing you to start fresh and maintain your beautiful skin. Therapists will focus on a thorough cleanse, exfoliation and deep cleansing masque to wash away those dull, lifeless cells to reveal radiant skin. A great facial for those who may be suffering from teenage or hormonal breakouts!

60 mins – $120

*Salon Secret* A gorgeous facial for those who need a quick refresher, and enjoy a squeaky clean feeling skin!


Turn Back Time Facial

Turn Back Time Facial

The perfect balance between relaxation and correction for your skin.

Enjoy a customised back, neck and shoulder massage with a corrective peel, Omnilux Treatment & hydrating masque, with Monoderma Vitamin Infusion and SPF 30 moisturiser.

90 mins – $190

*Salon Secret* Rachael K`s FAVOURITE facial ever! “Massage, Peel, Omni, Pampering.. 1.5 Hrs of PERFECT skincare and luxury.”

Skindeep Medi-Spa Facial

Skindeep Medi-Spa Facial

For refreshed, revived, glowing skin from the inside out! Skindeep’s DELUXE Facial for avid skin care enthusiasts.

Back, neck and shoulder massage, followed with a Diamond Microdermabrasion for the face and neck, then a cosmeceutical peel, healing Omnilux Revive Treatment and replenishing masque with Vitamin Infusion, finished with SPF30 and a touch of make up!

120 mins – $250

*Salon Secret* It’s no secret – this is what we’re known for!