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Aspect Dr Redless Serum 30ml


Aspect Doctor Redless Serum is a corrective serum formulated with Sea Buckthorn and botanicals to calm sensitive red skin.Ideal for rosasea and sensitive skin

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Details 15ml. Corrective, anti-red, antioxidant calming serum based on the Sea Buckthorn Berry. Rosacea sufferers will see the difference within weeks as the signs of a stressed skin slowly decrease. It is brilliant for alleviating dry and stressed skins and making you feel so much more normal.It contains 21 botanicals, particularly the sea buck thorn fruit oil as well as Coenzyme Q10. A unique cosmetic corrective formulation that has the power to comfort and nurture skin on the verge of a nervous breakdown thanks to the inclusion of Sea Buckthorn berry extract and calming botanicals. Usage: After cleansing morning and night over other serums and before moisturising and sun blocks. Use one pump warmed between fingers and pressed onto face. Ideal for: Rosacea Sensitive Skin Reactive Skin Post Peel, Laser, IPL, Surgery
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