Omnilux LED Light Therapy


CURRENT SUPER SPECIAL – UNLIMITED Omnilux treatments for four weeks – $650!

Loved by celebrities in Australia and worldwide, Omnilux offers quick, painless LED light therapy without heat, side effects or downtime. Extremely effective for wound healing, treatment of acne, improving skin tone and texture, and illuminating the skin from the inside out.

  • Omnilux Blue – Destruction of bacteria, highly effective on acne and breakout prone skin.
  • Omnilux Revive (Red) – Rejuvenate and repair damaged skin for improved skin tone/texture and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Omnilux Plus – Tissue healing and deep stimulation of collagen and elastin formation.  Ultimate for anti-ageing!


Allow 40 mins per treatment.

Each Omnilux treatment is a mini-facial, including a double cleanse, hand and arm massage during the treatment and SPF30 moisturiser to finish.  Please allow 40 minutes.  We recommend a series of nine treatments over four weeks for maximum effect.
CURRENT SUPER SPECIAL – UNLIMITED Omnilux treatments for four weeks – $650!


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Omnilux Blue, Omnilux Revive (Red), Omnilux Plus, Omnilux Series of 9, UNLIMITED OMNILUX for 4 Weeks

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