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Hydropeptide Lash; Longer, Fuller, Lusher


Size: 5 ML

Hydro Peptide Longer Fuller Lusher Eye Lash, 0.17 Fluid Ounce


Now you can achieve more luscious lashes while you sleep. Hydro Peptide lash longer fuller lusher contains a triple peptide complex containing octapeptide-2 (proharin 4), myristoyl hexapeptide-16, and hexapeptide-17 that strengthen and condition the hair follicle for longer and fuller lashes.A natural lash enhancer that gives lashes and brows a supernatural appearance. Lash works in four ways to combat lash aging. Peptides strengthen lashes allowing them to look fuller and longer. Biotin and folic acid nourishes lashes. Hyaluronic acid conditions lashes to minimize breakage and brittleness. Antioxidants protect against dryness and damage. Why TruthInAging named it best eyelash and brow product three years in a row: Strengthening peptides allow lashes and brows to reach full potential See longer, thicker and darker lashes Brows look fuller and frame eyes more beautifully Nourishes and hydrates lashes to prevent breakage
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