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Observ Skin Diagnosis

The Observ Skin Diagnosis machines use a patented skin fluoroscence and polarised light illumination technology, that allow us to see deeper into your skin layers. By using this technology, our therapists will be able to get a detailed picture of the current state of your skin, which they can then more accurately tailor a treatment plan for.

Our therapists will be able to identify a number of skin conditions and concerns including:

  • Wrinkle formations
  • Free oil flow
  • Plugged pores
  • Porphyrin in acne & comedones
  • Areas with diminished circulation
  • Dehydrated skin
  • Vascular conditions
  • Rosacea
  • Skin irritations
  • Area with collagen loss
  • Microrelief
  • Sensitive and thinned skin areas
  • and more


How the Observ Skin Diagnosis works:

1. Daylight mode
skin_0004_Layer-1The daylight mode allows us to observe your skin under controlled daylight conditions and make comparisons of skin conditions appearing in daylight and the other skin analysis modes.
2. True UV mode
skin_0003_Layer-2The true UV mode allows us to obtain a clearer, more contrasting and detailed image of the skin conditions of our clients, than with conventional devices.
3. Simulated Wood’s light mode
skin_0002_Layer-3In the simulated Wood’s light mode, the spectral composition mimics a classical Wood’s light. The patented illumination technology allows the modification of the Wood’s light spectrum and provides an extra diagnostic dimension.
4. Parallel-polarization mode
skin_0001_Layer-4The parallel-polarization technology enhances the visualisation of the skin’s surface textures. In this mode, the skin’s microrelief, fine lines and wrinkle formations can be observed with high detail.
5. Cross-polarization mode
The cross-polarization mode provides you with an unparalleled view below the skin’s surface. At the touch of a button vascular or pigmentation disorders become visible to the eye.
6. Complexion analysis
The complexion analysis reveals inhomogeneities in skin tone, pigmentation irregularities and irritations. A homegenous complexion is the fundament of beauty.

Your FREE consultation!

Each Observ skin diagnosis consultation takes around 15 minutes with a therapist, when followed by a treatment. This consultation session is complimentary with our range of facial treatments including IPL Rejuvenation, luxury facials, dermafrac, luxury pamper packages, peels and microdermabrasion.

Observ appointments are available to book with out a treatment for $65, and will take 30 minutes to take the photos and review the results in depth with your therapist.

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