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Dermafix Conditioning Alkaline Treatment

Remove peach fuzz hair and 2-3 weeks of dead skin cells by rapidly increasing the PH of the skin.

Introductory Price $100 | Normally $130

Firming or Corrective Enzyme Therapy

Lift, tone and firm.

Applied in a specialised “muscle banding” technique, the enzyme mask is applied to the face, neck & décolletage. As the mask sets it hardens, holding the superficial muscles and underlying fragile tissues in a contracted state for up to 45 minutes, bringing a beautiful vascular response to oxygenate the skin. In addition, enzyme action gently exfoliates, dissolving any build up topical products within. The result is gorgeous, glowing skin that is visibly lifted!

Choose the Firming Enzyme Mask as a stand alone power lift for the skin, or the Corrective Enzyme Mask as the perfect addition to any Skin Peel or Advanced Skin Treatment.

Introductory Price $135 | Normally $160