Lash Extensions

Add drama to your eyelashes with fabulous extensions! Skindeep boasts a team of lash specialists who can choose the right length and weight to customise your style. Whether you want thick, bold lashes or a natural look, we customise the best extensions for you. They can be applied in 1:1 ratio or thicker to create a subtle enhancement or a rich and extravagant look. Depending on the length and thickness of your natural lashes, we select the type of extension that fits perfectly!

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Perth Lash Extensions


Eyelash Extensions

Skindeep specialises in the professional application of eyelash extensions in Perth. Our beauty experts will choose the right style for you. They can create a dramatic, subtle or natural look that is personalised for you and tailored to your needs. It takes two hours to revamp your lashes, and they will stay clump-free and gorgeous for up to 4 weeks after the treatment!


Eyelash Refills & Removals

Maintain your new look by scheduling eyelash extension refills. We recommend a refill two or three weeks after your initial appointment or previous refill. If you want us to, we can also expertly remove your lash extensions. We will apply a solution to dissolve the lash adhesive and gently detach the extensions without damaging your beautiful natural eyelashes.

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Classic Lash Extensions

Lash Extensions