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Splendor X is the only Aesthetic Laser Device that combines bilateral laser emission of two wavelengths; Nd:YAG (1064nm) and Alexandrite (755nm), allowing us to combine both lasers simultaneously for optimum treatment.



Square shape spot sizes
Splendor X is the ONLY laser with a square shaped spot size, allowing for uniform skin coverage, eliminating overlap and hotspots. Spot sizes range all the way up to 27x27mm for efficient treatment of large areas.



Fast, Painless treatments
The combination of Large spot sizes and a rapid repetition rate allows for unrivalled speed, just 30 minutes is needed to treat Full legs, Brazilian and Underarms. A built in cooling tip and air flow delivers a genuine, pain-free result.




Treatment versatility and skin solutions 
Splendor X can treat all skin types, even tanned skin.


Remember, Laser Hair Removal is only available at Skindeep Mullaloo.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare for my laser hair removal treatment? 

There are a few important things to remember when preparing for laser hair removal.

Hair Preperation || You must wait 4 weeks after your last wax as the hairs need to be intact for the treatment to work. But don’t worry, you can shave as often as you like after you last waxing treatment. It’s also important to shave the area the night before your treatment.

No False Tan|| We will be unable to perform your laser treatment if there is any false tan present on the skin. Do not apply false tan on the areas to be treated within two weeks of your appointment.

Medication || Some medications can cause our skin to become photosensitive (more sensitive to light) it’s important that you inform your Laser Specialist of any medications you regularly take during your initial consultation, and also update us to any changes in your medications. (Don’t worry – we will ALWAYS remind you of this!)

Will Laser Hair Removal Hurt? 

No. The Splendor X combines a cooling tip with icy cool air to ensure maximum comfort.

I have a dark skin tone, can I have Laser? 

YES! The Splendor X combines an ND YAG and Alexandrite Laser to enable us to treat ALL skin types safely and effectively.

My Hair is Fair, Can I have Laser? 

Once your hair is darker than your skin tone you are suitable for treatment. Laser is not however suitable for Blonde or Grey Hair.

How Many Sessions do I need? 

Most Laser systems recommend 6-8 Sessions for optimum results. The Splendor X delivers incredible results in 4-6 treatments.