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Energy Pod

The siesta has been a part of many cultures for thousands of years – in fact, it’s actually regarded as a physical necessity rather than a luxury! In Spain, a traditional siesta can last for up to two hours, allowing people to avoid the hottest part of the day. Unfortunately, we don’t have the luxury of a 2 hour midday nap with the busy lives we lead!
So why not boost your energy the natural way! Popularized by Google, the Energy Pod puts you into a perfect ‘almost’ horizontal position for a nap and encourages you to drift off to sleep with soothing sounds, while taking pressure off your cardiac system.
Energy-PodThere’s more to a ‘Nanna Nap’ than just being enjoyable – as humans, we actually have a biological need to have a short rest in the afternoon to restore our energy levels. This is due to our bodies being ‘Bi-Phasic’, meaning that we need two periods of sleep; a long, night time or nocturnal sleep and a shorter rest during the day. The period after lunch and into the early afternoon often brings a significant drop in energy levels. It’s not as severe as it is at night, but it’s often enough to make it more difficult to concentrate and think clearly.

Benefits of the Energy Pod

  • Heightened alertness
  • Increased energy & productivity
  • Overall well-being
  • Increased performance
  • Boost in energy
  • Decreased need for coffee, energy drinks & sugary snacks!
You will be happy to know that health professionals recommend a 10-20 minute nap to give you the same health and productivity benefits as a two hour snooze, as well as boosting your energy levels for up to 8 hours.
By taking a short 20 minute nap in our Energy Pod located at our Central Salon, you can help your brain to function more effectively, increasing your productivity, creativity, memory and mental alertness! A power nap can also significantly improve your mood, so if you – or any of your colleagues – suffer from the post-lunch grumps, come and try a power nap in the Energy Pod today! So, if you’d like to boost your energy (or your employees) for up to 8 hours in just 20 minutes, head into our Central Salon and feel the power of a power nap! Proven to promote blood circulation, reduce pressure on the lower back, re-energise and improve concentration throughout the day, it’s the perfect way to perk you up after lunch, or the morning after a big night!

20 min session – $15 3 x sessions – $40 5 x sessions – $60 10 x sessions – $100

Book Now We are also able to put together a range of Corporate Packages suitable for your employees or co-workers – an incredible way to increase productivity and all round well-being! Contact the Central Salon for further details. Watch this short video to find out more about the Energy Pod.  

To compliment and enhance your skin prior or after your Energy Pod, we recommend the following Products and Treatments;


  • Hydropeptide Eye Authority to eliminate those tell take signs of tiredness by relieving dark circles & puffiness
  • Hyrdropeptide Instant Peptide Miracle Mask to instantly lift & plump the skin making your skin look well rested
  • Coffeeberry Minerals is a great way to conceal tired looking skin & instantly gives you a fresh look while the SPF protects you from damaging rays


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