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Permanent Hair Reduction – what are you ACTUALLY getting?

Removing hairs with laser and light is all the same right? IPL, SPL, EPL… so many acronyms, so little time! You’ve probably seen plenty of these coming through on group buying sites and think you’re getting yourself a bargain – but do you really ... Read more

Rachael’s Luscious Lip Enhancements

Like any new experience, my first time round having my lips injected was a daunting thought. I had always wanted fuller lips, as my top lip was bascially non-existent, however the “Duck Lip Look” seen on some celebrities was complete of a turn off! I had ... Read more

All About Peels

What are Chemical Peels? Peeling (exfoliation) is a natural process. Chemical peeling is an accelerated form of exfoliation induced by the use of a chemical agent. Peels are really a matching game. You need to successfully match the depth of the peel with the depth of ... Read more

Courtney’s Tanning Tips

My favourite treatment for this winter is a spray tan! That instant summer glow might be just what you need to brighten up your day and boost your confidence. Spray tans shouldn’t be reserved for special occasions, they are great for any occasion and perfect for ... Read more

Harriet’s Winter Warmers

Harriet from Skindeep Mullaloo originally hails from the UK, so is well used to a chilly winter!  She says: "My absolute favourite winter warmers treatments are an infrared detox booth session, followed by a beautiful Hydropeptide Facial or a full body massage. When using the Infrared Detox ... Read more

Five reasons why Mineral Make Up is a must!

Mineral makeup has been around for years but it’s become more popular recently, with people looking for natural alternatives to regular makeup that use as little artificial ingredients as possible, and provide lighter skin coverage. These are the top five reasons why using mineral ... Read more

Kerri-Anne Kennerley’s Fountain of Youth – A Current Affair

Omnilux Light Therapy is being hailed as the fountain of youth for stars like Kerri-Anne Kennerley. Originally developed by the UK cancer council to help repair wounds, the Omnilux treatment uses LED light to rejuvenate the skin at a cellular level without surgery. Read more ... Read more


There are certain non-negotiables when it comes to saving your skin! In a very crowded marketplace where everyone is playing the claims game, how do you make choices when it comes to selecting the best skincare system for your needs? The Skin Health & Beauty Pyramid™ ... Read more

Elizabeth Arden PRO – Now at Skindeep!

We are SO excited to announce the launch of the Elizabeth Arden PRO range in Skindeep salons now. Brought to you by Joe Lewis - one of Helen's idols, and the founder of PRIORI and MD Formulations brand (among many others) - the Elizabeth Arden ... Read more

Pedicure or Pedi-curse?

A pedicure is a summer staple for most of us – nothing sets of a gorgeous pair of sandals like scrubbed, buffed feet with freshly painted toe nails! Over the last few years, the number of businesses offering pedicures and other nail services has risen, ... Read more
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