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Why you should carry this one beauty product in your handbag

Most of us know that Sun Protection Factor (SPF) is needed everyday to protect against damaging effects of the sun, and is the most important step for anti ageing. But there are other environmental and lifestyle factors that contribute to ageing that you should also consider. SPF alone does not provide protection against the free radicals that constantly attack our skin. Free radicals are caused by pollution, cigarette smoke, stress, diet – and only antioxidants can provide a barrier against them. Elizabeth Arden PRO Triple Action Protector or TAP as I like to call it, offers three daily anti ageing ingredients; a broad spectrum sunscreen, an antioxidant protection complex and DNA enzyme complex.
  • Sunscreen is your first line of defence for the skin, it has SPF 50 and broad spectrum physical sunscreen with Zinc oxide and Titanium Dioxide.
  • Antioxidants are your second line of defence and, like sunscreen, scavenge free radicals before the harmful molecules can cause damage within the skin.
  • The final line of defence are DNA Enzymes in the form of a DNA Enzyme complex, to help provide protection against free radical damage and support the skins own natural repair system.
  tapIt has been clinically proven in a study published in the Journal of Drugs and Dermatology that Elizabeth Arden PRO TAP SPF 50 reduces the effects of sun damage associated with premature skin ageing. TAP has a hydrating formula and a universal tint that ideally suits any skin type and any skin tone. It promotes radiant, glowing skin so it can be used everyday. It has a lovely silky texture and is all you’ll need this summer – it’ll be your beauty bestie! Elizabeth Arden Triple Action Protector retails for $99.00 for 50ml bottle, a 15ml travel size is included in the Elizabeth Arden Starter Kits or can be purchased individually for just $25.00. It’s the perfect addition to any handbag. Hope to see you in salon soon! Article written Skindeep Floreat Therapist, Krysia Book Now Contact Us Shop Now

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