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Product review: LightStim

I am beyond excited to finally be able to add the hand held L.E.D. into my home skin care routine! That dewy plump skin we all long for, is now able to be done before any night out or small event where I am not able to get into the salon. Who am I kidding, the Lightstim Hand held is going to be in my daily routine! Within just minutes each day you can firm and tone your skin, reduce the appearance of pore size, smoothen texture and increase elasticity. With the latest multiwave technology the Lightstim is able to emit multiple wavelengths the revive (red) and plus (yellow) that we all love, to give us more radiance and a more youthful appearance. Not only is it professional strength, it can also help naturally erase wrinkles in just eight weeks with all the collagen and elastin production. ls-product-wrinkles-colors With the home treatment only taking 12 minutes to perform yourself (almost the same as an in salon treatment) you only need to apply the light to each ¼ your face for 3 minutes (until the device signals you to move spots). The perfect addiction I have found with using the light stim is using my Priori DNA Clinical Recovery Serum that I apply on a freshly cleansed face right before starting my at home Lightstim treatment. This serum is going to help boost my results with the L.E.D`s and also helps to fight and protect against free radicals that leads to premature ageing. I know I am super excited about these awesome new hand helds and I hope everyone else is too ☺ I look forward to seeing you all in salon soon. Written by Skindeep Mullaloo Therapist Ami Book Now Contact Us Shop Now

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