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Va va voom – we love cherry bloom!

Long lashes are lusted over by many. How many times have you tried to put on false lashes and miserably failed or felt a pang of jealousy for those who are gifted with naturally lush lashes? A new product has just hit our shelves, and we got Skindeep Mullaloo therapist, Sieanna to review it.
cherry Our new flawless and fabulous product, Cherry Blooms Mascara is a treat for everyone. It’s a life saver for all those who are time poor or are in experienced when it comes to applying anything that makes our lashes look fuller, thicker and longer. From my very first application of this mascara I was hooked. It’s so easy to use – in fact I use it every morning. The two-step black mascara contains your every day mascara and it’s secret right hand man… the fibres. You apply this directly onto your lashes for that extra va va voom which will have people thinking that you teamed up with the Karadashian’s make up artist. The best way to use this mascara, which I call my “secret weapon” is;
  • Apply two coats of Step 1 Mascara to your chosen eye first, just like you would with a standard mascara
  • Staying on the same eye, take Part 2 and slowly brush the fibres upwards underneath the lashes
  • You will notice that the fibres will automatically attach themselves to the lashes and create an extension on the tip of the lashes and through the base, creating thickness and volume
  • Step away and see the difference between both eyes. Trust me your jaw will drop just like mine
  • Perform the same steps on the opposite eye
  • After you have completed both eyes, feather away the loose fibres that may have fallen on top of the cheeks and complete Step 3 with the original mascara wand, applying again just as you would a normal mascara
  • This seals the fibres and the amazing look for the entire day and night!
before and after   Now flutter those new black, fuller, longer lashes that you have created all by yourself in just a few minutes. Some of you may ask if it is waterproof. Unfortunately it’s not. However it does last through sweat, everyday work or physical activity. It will simply wash off when you jump in the shower or wash your face at nighttime. Say goodbye to false stick on lashes, clumpy thick mascaras and say helloooo to the fabulously chic “Cherry Blooms”.   Book Now Contact Us Shop Now

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