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How the environment can impact your skin

Spring is a beautiful time of the year – the days are longer, the weather is warmer, the flowers are blooming. But the season isn’t the only thing that is changing. As we go from season to season, our skin changes as well. Has your skin been feeling a bit drier? Skindeep Therapist Melanie, explains how our skin is impacted by the environment around us. The environment has a massive effect on our skin through our work places, sun exposure, temperature, holidays and all our lifestyle factors. Our skin constantly has to go through changes to adjust to the climate around it. The knowledge of how and why will determine how we can diminish any issues we are having. The best thing about using our wide range of products to correct issues, is that they are mixed with specific cosmeceuticals which will rewind the clock! Our skin can go through many changes from season to season. During summer, if you’re not using the right products, your skin can become oily. This will also cause blackheads and pimples to form under the skin due to the extra oil on your skin and blocked pores. In winter, due to the colder weather – we tend to drink warm drinks like tea and coffee, and neglect to nourish and hydrate our body with water. However, we can counteract with the proper products at home. Regardless of the time of year, it’s MOST important to always wear a correct coverage sun cream to protect the skin from all the harsh environmental factors we don’t see (smoke, fuel and lots of other chemicals) and the most influential- the sun. The sun ages our skins a lot quicker, damaging the cells which can cause unwanted pigmentation that will darken the more sun it’s exposed to. Our cells that are trying to keep our skins healthy are getting damaged every day by all these factors. Triple Action Protector from Elizabeth Arden PRO is a must have for all skins! SPF 50, protein protection, antioxidants to diminish the signs of ageing, DNA enzyme complex to help support the skins natural rapier system. It’s a beautifully light sunscreen and corrector which also has a tint for all skin colours, to give you a glowing skin all day and most of all in the long term! If you’d like to know more about how to protect your skin from the elements all year round, talk to one of our Skin Therapists today!

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