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Helen’s eight-week treatment program

Hi everyone! Helen here in my latest blog about prepping for the big events in your life.
This year has been a busy one for my family! Both my boys have celebrated a huge milestone – marrying the loves of their lives. Such an emotional and beautiful experience for a mother, and lucky me, I got to have it twice in one year!
The first wedding was held in April, a beautiful ceremony and reception attended by family and friends at our property. Prepping my skin before the wedding was vitally important – why shouldn’t the groom’s mother look her best too! But when it came around to the big day for wedding number one, I still felt like I hadn’t prepared quite enough. So with my other son’s wedding fast approaching in August, I decided to go all out and pamper myself for this special occasion – planning an eight-week treatment program that would take me up to the big day. As this wedding was being held in Bali, it was even more important to ensure my skin was adequately prepped to handle to change in climate, from Perth’s cold days to Bali’s humidity, in addition to the flight over which always tends to dry my skin out. So, here it is; my eight-week treatment program for event-ready!

Eight weeks out from the wedding

SS Web Banner_Circle 3To begin the preparations, I started with treatments that would really refresh my skin targeting sunspots and damage that had appeared over winter, to help me achieve a “clean slate”. I found that the IPL Photorejuvenation  and Omnilux Light Therapy treatments were perfect for this, also boosting the collagen in my skin to help give that plump, fresh appearance.  

Six weeks out

I continued my Omnilux treatments, which we have found offer the best results with a course of nine treatments, or over four weeks. The addition of an Emerge Fractional Laser treatment gave my face a super boost of collagen, smoothing out my skin tone, texture and lines.  

Four weeks out

PeelsFor the last 20 years (yes, 20 years!) I have had regular peels, opting for one every few weeks. They help to revitalise, hydrate and brighten the skin – and I always walk out glowing so naturally I included a peel into my prep four weeks out. I would feel like a part of me was missing if I didn’t have my regular peels!  

Two weeks out

Back in the 90’s, thin eyebrows were all the rage! We spent hours plucking and waxing them away to a mere shadow of their former glory – making it virtually impossible to today achieve the lush thick brows we are all loving. If like me and you’ve been pencilling them in for years, then this one is for you; eyebrow tattooing! The perfect excuse to finally get feather tattooing on my eyebrows, I booked myself in two weeks out from the wedding.
I went in to see Racheal, our eyebrow tattoo specialist at the Skindeep Floreat salon – and I’m so glad I did. It really didn’t hurt, or take too long and now I have these amazing full eyebrows that are helping to reframe my face, giving me a more youthful appearance.
Now that I had fantastic brows, it was time to work on the eyes! After a consultation with Dr Katina, our Cosmetic Physician at the Mullaloo salon, I went with her suggestion for a light round of wrinkle relaxers around my eyes. This smoothed out any lines around my eyes, really opening them up and putting back some sparkle!  

One week out

Only one week out from our flight across to Bali and we were all starting to get really excited! My skin was looking great by this point, so the final week required just a few touch ups and treatments. Rachael from our Mullaloo salon gave me a full eye pamper session including a full set of eyelash extensions and an eyelash tint. This was fantastic as it gave me beautiful long lashes from the moment I woke up! Combined with my eyebrow feather tattooing it was the perfect preparation for a tropical holiday, where you really want to get away with as little makeup as possible when you can.
I finished off my treatment program with an Omnilux, leg wax, Shellac manicure and pedicure and a spray tan, to make sure I was feeling good from head to toe!

At home care

Total-Age-Protector-AustHaving good products at home goes hand in hand with having treatments in salon. Throughout my eight week in salon skin treatments, I made sure I was following up at home every morning and night. This ensured I was getting the best possible results that lasted longer.
In the evenings I use the Aspect Dr SMC as my night cream over my Aspect Dr Exfol A Plus serum. In the lead up, I’ve paid extra attention to my eyes and have started using the Results RX Eye Dr cream. This has been amazing! My recommended at home treatments:
One final note – I cannot stress enough that beauty on the outside is ALWAYS enhanced by an inner glow! I decided I was going to pay a bit more attention to my health and achieving some balance around my diet, exercise and relaxation time.
I found a fit bit given to me a few months ago by a girlfriend was fantastic for this as I could actually see how many steps I’d done each day. Some days I blitzed them, and other days it was a bit harder to hit my goals. The best thing about the fit bit is that it makes you accountable and conscious of each step and your health as a whole. You’re asked to log your food in a daily diary and take note to make some time each day for yourself. Combining this with my amazing Skindeep skin regime and extra beauty touches – it’s safe to say I was feeling amazing from head to toe for that very special day! If you’ve got a special event coming up or you’re interested in one of the treatments above, please feel free to follow the links in this blog to read more or give us a call today to book in your appointments! Our dedicated staff can even help you design your own treatment program to have you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready for anything.  

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