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Why you shouldn’t sleep in your make up

shutterstock_156073214For most women, applying make up is as natural as brushing their teeth. Many rarely leave the house without applying some form of cover-up, eyeliner or mascara. The make up industry is a multi million dollar business, and choosing different brands and styles is a never ending task for many. Women have become so accustomed to wearing make up that a third of females admit to leaving their products on during bedtime at least twice a week. Removing make up becomes a hassle, and when you are really tired or busy, it might be appealing to just take it off in the morning instead. Unfortunately, leaving your makeup on while you sleep can have severe negative effects on both your skin’s aesthetics and health. Here are some of the reasons it is pivotal to remove your makeup before bedtime.

Extended exposure to contaminants

When you wear make up, contaminants such as dirt, bacteria, oils, sweat, and anything you are exposed to throughout the day have a tendency to stick to your face. If you do not wash your face before bed, you will have these contaminants on your skin for the entire duration of the night. Oils and dirt clog your pores and cause acne and blemishes, and free radicals from the environment break down skin collagen, causing lines and wrinkles prematurely. Our favourite cleansers are:  

Redness and irritation

A barrier of make up on your skin all night not only traps in contaminants, but also keeps out moisture. Sleeping in make up causes your skin to become dehydrated, and also greatly slows the regeneration process needed to keep your skin healthy and vibrant. This irritant will greatly increase your skin’s tendency to redden and look more inflamed.

Enlarged pores

The lack of oxygen your pores receive, combined with the clogged pores you suffer while wearing makeup to bed, causes your pores to become much larger. This enlarging of your pores is not only noticeable aesthetically, but leaves them more vulnerable to contamination in the future.

Prevents you from applying positive skin treatments

night productsLeaving make up on before bed also means that you are not using moisturiser and other important skin helping products. During the day our skin takes a lot of wear and it is important to use products to relieve this stress after a long day. We recommend:  

Accelerates ageing

All of the aforementioned problems result in your skin ageing much more quickly. In a recent experiment, a women slept in her make up every night for a month. After the experiment was complete, her doctor said that her face had aged by more than a decade! Fortunately, she was reassured that with proper skin care she could reverse most of this damage, but over time these effects can certainly do permanent damage. Sleeping in your make up is a huge mistake, and avoiding this will save your skin a lot of damage in the long run. It may seem like a huge pain to wash your face sometimes after a long day, but you will be thankful you did in the future. If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about other ways to keep your skin looking beautiful and healthy, give us a call today! Book Now Contact Us Shop Now

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