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Six steps to amazing skin

It can be really confusing to know what to do to get amazing skin, there are a lot of different products, treatments, advice, blogs and recommendations around. Knowing the ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ will put you in the right direction to get the skin you have always wanted. To put it into simple girl terms skincare is like a healthy diet and lifestyle, but for the skin. It is applying the same principles of persistence, hard work, control and patience to your skin. Every girl knows the rule that it’s 80% diet and 20% exercise. The same can be said for skincare. The 80% is home care, what you do at home and products you use. The 20% relates to in salon treatments – Facials, Omnilux LED Light Therapy and professional peels are like the personal training session. It is the extra boost for the skin. When used together they form to create the best result possible. As a medi-spa, we have the personal training session covered. We take over the thinking and hard work while you lay down and let you skin get the work out of it’s life. Now this just leaves your part, home care. Knowing what products work together, how they benefit your skin and the order in which to use them is incredibly important when selecting the best skincare routine for you. The information below is a great guideline you can follow. I recommend you follow these simple sayings. Morning: Cleanse, Protect, Prevent Night: Cleanse, Repair, Correct


Cleanse your skin twice a day; every morning and every night. Your skin may look clean but this doesn’t mean it is, therefore you should always double cleanse the skin. First cleanse removes makeup, oil and anything on the surface. The second cleanse is to clean away those hidden impurities. My go to cleanser is the Priori Gentle Facial Cleanser.


Antioxidants. This is our skins second line of defence. In day to day life our skin is faced with many environmental variables that harm the skin such as smoking, pollutions and radiation, all of which damage cell membranes and cause premature skin aging. Using skincare products with antioxidants such as Coffeeberry and Idebenone work like little Pac men on the skin eating up the free radicals.


shutterstock_192029216One thing us Aussies love, is being outdoors. What would summer be without the beach, playing sport, having a drink by the pool and sunburn? Unfortunately there is a down side to living in this lovely sunshine. UV damage. The suns rays cause the DNA in the cells to mutate and grow abnormally, causing premature ageing and can lead to cancer. The good news is that by using a 30+ broad spectrum sunscreen like the True Solutions range, will prevent the ageing effects of the UV rays. But remember to always reapply.


As you go through your day to day activities, environmental factors like UV light and pollution are causing damage to your DNA. Lucky for us, our cells have a treasure box full of goodies called enzymes that can fix broken DNA, but sometimes this natural repair isn’t enough. Our cells need a helping hand to fix the damage that’s been caused. This comes in a form of a magic Priori MD Recovery Serum – DNA enzyme complex which mimics the skin’s own repair enzymes to help normalise and repair the cells. This combination helps to correct damage caused to the skin in order to improve the appearance of skin ageing.


As women we can’t even count the amount of concerns we have with ourself on our finger and toes. Unfortunately our skin is one of those. If it is acne, dehydration, fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation and clarity we all have one we can relate to. Nevertheless there is something out there to help. Correcting serums, these contain vitamins and ingredients to fix the problem. Acne: Salicylic Acid – Elizabeth Arden Pro Perfecting Serum Dehydration: Niacinamide (Multi B) – Aspect Dr Multi B Serum Ageing: Vitamin A – Priori Cellular Recovery Serum Pigmentation: Pigment Inhibitor – Aspect Dr Complete Pigment Serum Clarity: Vitamin C – Aspect Dr Active Vitamin C Serum Redness: Sea buck Horn – Aspect Dr Redless Serum 6 steps, 5 products is all you need to start your journey to amazing skin. But if you need a little extra help to get into the right track pop into one of our Skindeep salons to book your complimentary skin analysis where you can sit down with one of our therapist and start the journey together.

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