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The Perfect Cat Eye

Have you ever attempted the elusive cat eye but instead ended up with eyes in opposite directions and liner all over the place? Don’t worry you’re not alone! We have a fool-proof method for the perfect cat eye and it won’t break the bank because all you need is some tape! It may seem silly applying tape to your face, but it will guarantee you draw a clean line for the perfect cat eye every time. Steps:
  1. Place 1 inch of tape starting from the outer corner of your eye and angle it to where the eye-brow finishes. This way you will get the perfect line no matter how thick or how long your wing. It may take a couple of tries to get both sides equal. Personally, I position my tape differently as I my eyes and eyebrows are slightly asymmetrical.
  2. Start by placing your liquid eyeliner from the middle of the lid as this is where the thickest line should begin and then slowly glide it over to the tape. You can place your little finger on your cheek to help with support. As you extend your line out ensure it gets thinner to create that sharp look. If any liner goes under the tape that’s OK! You can fix it at the end.
  3.  Gently pull the tape off as we don’t want to cause any harm to the skin.
  4. Use small strokes to connect a line from the inner lid to the middle where you started. Be sure to draw a thin line that gradually gets thicker until it reaches the middle.
  5. If any liner has gone under the tape, use your liquid makeup brush and slowly glide it under the line to erase any excess product.
  6. Apply your mascara to make the eyes really pop!
  And that’s it you’re done!

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