Want younger looking skin? We’ve got you covered! Check out our top 10 tips to keep your skin looking young.

1. Omnilux

A healing, texture improving anti ageing LED light treatment which rejuvenates and illuminates the skin. Omnilux stimulates the body’s natural process to assist in counteracting the effects of ageing. The red/revive light repairs the skin and improves tone and texture, reducing fine lines and wrinkles! The white/plus light is deeply healing and stimulates collagen and elastin, to plump up the skin!

2. Aspect Dr Exfol A Plus Serum

This AHA & vitamin corrective serum is ideal for the management of all skin types. It reduces congestion, dullness and other signs of ageing in the skin. The formula delivers nutrients deep into the skin which are great for refining, firming, lightening & brightening! Check out the product here.

3. Use an SPF daily

Triple Action Protector from Elizabeth Arden Pro is not only a tinted SPF 50, but an anti ageing complex that provides 3 levels of skin protection. It includes a protein protection antioxidant, DNA enzyme complex and powerful moisturising ingredients to reduce and prevent the signs of ageing, giving skin a radiant glow.

4. Infrared Detox Sauna

The detox sauna is not only great for detoxifying, relieving muscle pain, weight management and the immune system, it’s also great for giving your skin a glowing and rejuvenated complexion. It increases blood flow to aid the delivery of nutrients to the skin, giving it a healthy tone and texture.

5. SMC – Super Moisturising Complex from Aspect

SMC is a rich moisturiser, perfect for dry skin like mine. Dry skin shows the signs of ageing more than oily skin, so maintaining moisture is important. SMC also provides protection against free radical damage, which causes the skin to age. This nourishing moisturiser can also be used as an eye cream, and on the neck and décolletage area!

6. Elizabeth Arden PRO Perfecting Minerals Finishing Touch

A non comedogenic mineral makeup, which gives great coverage and won’t clog your pores like other make-ups! The light make-up includes vitamins and minerals to reduce the signs of ageing and protect against free radical damage. Check out the product here.

8. Get Enough Zzz’s

Did you know that our bodies are much slower at repairing damaged skin when we are sleep deprived? Not getting enough beauty sleep can also increase your stress levels which may increase ageing. Luckily at Skindeep, we have energy pods that we can jump in for 20 minutes on our break to give us an 8 hour energy boost!

9. Hydropeptide Eye Authority

The appearance of dark circles under the eyes make you look aged, tired and dull. Instead of covering it with concealer, Hydropeptide Eye Authority includes 13 peptides which help to diminish dark circles, puffiness and fine lines around the eye.

10. Drink Plenty of Water!

Not drinking enough water does not only dehydrate your body, but it also causes your skin to dry out. Dehydrated skin will accelerate the ageing process and cause it to lose it’s youthful glow. Drinking 2-3 litres of water a day along with a healthy diet is an essential part of skincare.

So there you have it! Skindeep Central Therapist, Shophie’s top 10 tips for youthful skin! If you’d like to know more about any of the products or treatments above, then contact us and we’d love to help! #weloveskin