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Keep Your Make-Up Fresh from AM to PM

Rachael, Skindeep’s Operations Manager, gives us her top tips for flawless make-up that lasts all day and into the night! Don`t you just hate when you apply your picture perfect make-up in the morning but by the end of the day, you end up looking like you just rolled out of bed? You start to think ‘what have I been doing all day to make my eyes this smudged, and my foundation non-existent!?’ Make-up separation from wear and tear is completely normal and happens to most of us – but it doesn’t have to, if you prep your skin right to begin with. Flawless make-up is all about preparation work – not just from that morning, but from the day before that and the day before that and so on. To get a perfect make-up application, you need to ensure that your skincare regime is a priority. Weekly exfoliation is ESSENTIAL. This doesn’t have to be in the form of a harsh scrub, but it should contain active ingredients that separate the dead cells from the fresh. Our favs are Aspect Dr Exfol A and Elizabeth Arden Pro Hydration Peel Pads. 4355573When you exfoliate the skin, you are removing that dead surface layer that can sometimes cause:
  • Caking of make-up
  • Dry/dehydrated patches
  • Oil/sebum build up
  • Blackheads
  By exfoliating weekly, you are revealing a clean, fresh and most importantly, even canvas for your make-up to than be applied on to. Think of it like your prep work before a spray tan… You ALWAYS exfoliate beforehand to ensure the best smooth and even tan application. And it`s no different for your make-up application. Daily moisturising is also key to a soft and dewy look. Hydration always makes for healthier looking skin. So if we want our make-up to look healthy, we need to ensure superficial hydration is always present prior to applying our make-up. I LOVE my Priori Idebenone Moisturiser. It makes my skin feel like glass and acts as both my moisturiser and primer before any make-up application.
Primer… What`s a primer?
I`m glad you asked… Primer is your next essential step in prepping for the longest lasting make-up to last all day and through the night. A good primer is usually packed with vitamins and minerals, and it works to smooth the appearance of fine lines and pores. But most importantly, it enhances the performance of your make-up throughout the day. Think of it as your base coat, before your colour coats when you get your nails done.
10306603902_LRGSkindeep LOVES the Youngblood Primer`s:
  • YB Mineral Primer; For dry, dehydrated, mature or normal skin. Packs the skin with essential minerals and feels like velvet.
  • YB Matifying Primer; AMAZING for those combination, oily skin types. This will matify high shine areas without stripping the skin of natural oils to ensure a flawless look.
  The proof is in the pudding with primers. You can actually see the difference in how your make-up wears and tears through the day when you wear primer, versus not wearing it. You`ll be surprised at how different your skin looks and feels and the longevity of your make-up. And the lucky last step… a final touch mineral powder. This is your “Top Coat” for your make-up. This helps to seal in your stages of make-up to ensure a much longer lasting wear over many hours. It usually comes in the form of a translucent/light powder that acts as a veil and it can also be used as a high definition powder to highlight areas of the face.
Priori-Coffeeberry-Sunkissed-Bronzer-350x265Our fav picks are:
Priori Coffeeberry Minerals Finishing Touch as it is perfect for all over coverage. Youngblood`s Hi-Definition Perfecting Powder as it’s amazing for coverage and highlighting in one. If we don`t ensure the foundation of our make-up canvas is completely taken care of, we can`t ensure perfect day/night make-up. Although it seems like adding more stages to your morning routine, it`s worth every second to avoid hourly touch ups and to ensure a fresh faced look all day and into the night!

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