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Take five with Chelsie from Skindeep Mullaloo

Hi! My name is Chelsie, I’m a Paramedical Therapist at Skindeep Medi-Spas and I love my job!

What is your favourite treatment to treat yourself to?

detox-298x300I am a massive fan of our Infrared Detox Sauna! The booth works to detox by using naturally occurring infrared rays. These rays effectively and safely detoxify the body of toxins and heavy metals such as mercury and lead, which will leave you feeling cleansed as soon as you step out of the booth. There are so many great benefits to using the detox sauna regularly. Some of these include assistance with weight management and contribution to a reduction in cellulite, improvement in skin tone and a refreshed mind and energised body! It is the perfect way to give your body the break it deserves, all in the comfort of the booth. Plus you can even bring in a magazine or listen to your own music in there! I suffer from chronic back pain, and i’ve found that the detox sauna has really helped to relieve the pain – so I am a frequent visitor to the booth!

What’s your favourite treatment to perform?

I just love performing the Emerge facial treatment on my clients. It’s a Fractional Laser that uses energy micro beams to move damaged tissue from the epidermis to the dermis. The body’s natural healing response then creates new healthy tissue to replace the old damaged tissue. The result is rejuvenated, healthier and younger looking skin. Now who wouldn’t want that! We’ve had some fantastic results from our clients which you can view here. Emerge is part of our Beauty Bundles as well, so you can book in four treatments for the price of three. Emerge helps to reduce the effects of sun damage and the appearance of age spots, wrinkles, stretch marks, acne scars and surgical scars improving skin tone and texture. The treatment is quick and with minimal to no recovery time, it’s perfect for all – even those with busy schedules! We recommend teaming the Emerge treatment with an Omnilux Light Therapy treatment for even better results. Find out more on our Emerge Fractional Laser treatment in this short video. At Skindeep Medi-spas it’s so easy to improve the way your skin looks and most importantly, feels, without any invasive surgery or extensive recovery time. So if you want the BEAUTIFUL skin that you deserve, why not make an appointment for a consultation with me. To me everyBODY deserves beautiful skin! Thank you for reading, hope to see you soon! Chelsie Your Paramedical Therapist Mullaloo Skindeep

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