Unlimited Spray TansMy favourite treatment for this winter is a spray tan!

That instant summer glow might be just what you need to brighten up your day and boost your confidence.

Spray tans shouldn’t be reserved for special occasions, they are great for any occasion and perfect for winter when it’s harder to get a natural tan!

They can make you feel thinner and help to brighten up any outfit.

My top tips for fellow tan lovers this winter are:

1. Exfoliate!

You should exfoliate your skin before every tan. It will ensure your tan is even and streak-free and it also helps to make it last longer!  Concentrate on your elbows, knee caps, ankles, wrists, hands and feet.

I love the Priori Invigorating Face & Body Scrub and SunFX Body Polish to gently stimulate your skin and remove dead cells, and these exfoliating gloves to make sure you get an even scrub!

2. Moisturise!

Dry skin is your worst enemy, especially in winter as the cooler months are more harsh on our skin. Moisturising will make your tan last longer and it will also ensure it comes off more evenly.  The SunFX Tan Extender is a superb product to keep your tan looking beautiful for longer.

3. Blend!

We all hate that feeling when you accidentally wet or smudge your fresh tan but don’t stress! All you need to do is get a clean makeup brush and gently blend the area. This will blend the colour evenly without removing it.

Also check out the awesome products from SunFX to help with extending your gorgeous glow – my favourite is their travel pack which includes their Summer’s Secret, Tan Extender, Body Shimmer & Body Polish all in convenient 65ml tubes.