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Harriet’s Winter Warmers

Harriet from Skindeep Mullaloo originally hails from the UK, so is well used to a chilly winter!  She says:
“My absolute favourite winter warmers treatments are an infrared detox booth session, followed by a beautiful Hydropeptide Facial or a full body massage.
shutterstock_82481062-copy3When using the Infrared Detox Sauna, I recommend all my clients to really take the time and pamper themselves.  Even though you can take your laptop, phone, iPad, etc. in there, I think it’s so important to use the time just for you!  Take a book or just enjoy peace and quiet time to relax and detoxify yourself. The infrared detox booth warms up your muscles for deeper relaxation for your massage or facial too, so is a great pre-pampering ritual to start your treatment.  It also it stimulates blood flow and lymphatic drainage, to help detox the body.  I like to take exfoliation gloves with me to give my body a good polish, and also a hair mask (organic coconut oil is amazing).  A big bottle of chilled water is a MUST to keep your skin and body hydrated!
Hydropeptide Facial is my favourite, as they combine luxury and results in one.
The Hydropeptide range really gives a WOW result straight away – it leaves your skin glowing, plump and fresh!  The peptides are tiny little molecules that go into the skin super fast for “Wow Now” results you can really see straight away!  And to extend your facial at home, the Hydropeptide home care is out of this world – the packs are amazing value for money too.  At the moment we have my two best sellers in a pack (Face Lift Moistuiser and Anti Wrinkle ) for $180 – that’s a saving of $80!
A full body massage should definitely be in your monthly routine!
Everyone deserves the time to float away and to bust that tension from muscles – I always recommend clients add a beautiful balm to aid relaxation, lymphatic drainage and make your skin feel like silk.  Each balm is specifically formulated to be like a treatment for your skin, and should be left on for as long as possible.   The smell of the balms is just divine! I hope to see all of your beautiful clients soon to take full advantage of all of our Winter Warming treatments.  Because everybody deserves to spoil themselves!  x Lots of love Harriet

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