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Skin Diary of an (Ex) Acne Sufferer

Written by Mary, Therapist at Skindeep Central image1Thats right – not very pretty is it?  This is what my skin used to look like. A bacteria infested playground for acne, open picked spots, oily t-zone, and hard painful red blemishes only all too common. My skin had hit absolute rock bottom, suffering from an incredibly normal skin condition that both teenagers and adults dread hearing the name of: Acne. As a beauty therapist, I am a constant skin role model, for not only clients, but friends and family who aspire to achieve that blemish-free radiant skin we all only dream about. I decided to give my skin a drastic overhaul, changing my failing skincare routine, but also making healthier lifestyle choices which also have their impact on our skin.
In June 2014, I finally decided enough was enough. I had a trip to Melbourne planned to see a best friend, and my self-confidence was at an all time low when she asked me what had happened to my skin. My skin was sore, angry, with what seemed like a never ending spread of breakouts – to the point I had even started wearing my make up to bed around my boyfriend which is a huge no no! The first thing I did was start cleansing my skin – properly!

Step 1 – CLEANSE it, baby!

My skin had changed, and was clearly missing something with active ingredients to give it a helping hand. I am now a believer of always taking off my makeup at the end of a day, and never EVER wear my make up to bed! I started to use the amazing Hydropeptide Purifying Cleanser, which has been an absolute saviour for my skin! Hydropeptide Purifying CleanserThe cleanser itself packs more than it’s refreshing tea tree scent, but also a blend of Salicylic and Mandellic Acid, clarifying and pore-cleansing peptides to draw out impurities and promote the rapid correction of skin imperfections. As an added bonus, the versatile cleanser can be left on in the shower for five minutes as a mask (which I love!) with antioxidant rich boswellia, chamomile and honey to help soothe, nourish, hydrate my skin and also fight off the effects of ageing. This is now my go-to product at the end of each day!

Step 2 – IPL (not just for hair removal!)

The second amazing thing I did for my skin was IPL Photorejuvenation.  Not only is IPL an amazing treatment for hair removal, but – for acne sufferers – it helps to eliminate the bacteria, while also helping to eliminate the uneven skin tone that I was experiencing from my angry blemishes. I had three treatments of the IPL to target my breakouts, and over a space of a few months this was the dramatic improvement that I saw in my skin after three treatments from the wonderful Laura and Amy at Skindeep Central.  I experienced first hand the fast and effective targeted improvement that can be made to scarring, redness, active breakouts and even the texture of my skin.  Here’s my skin after my three IPL treatments, and after a couple of months of using my new Hydropeptide Purifying Cleanser.

Step 3 – See the Light with Omnilux

image3Whilst doing the IPL I also turned to Omnilux Light Therapy to help accelerate the healing process and repair of my skin. Omnilux has always been without a doubt one of my favourite treatments in the salon, and is one of the best non-evasive ways to treat acne and anti-ageing concerns. It’ll leave your skin feeling and looking like no other treatment can achieve. Immediately after each session it never ceases to amaze me – my skin feels plump, tight, hydrated, rejuvenated, and best of all the inflammation and redness of those spots started to dramatically improve! Whilst all these treatments and new home are routine was improving my skin, my skin was still left with redness from my scarring from picking, another no-no for acne sufferers as this can also lead to spreading of the bacteria and essentially making it a lot worse. By October 2014, my skin had improved dramatically, and I knew that it would take time but knew there was still a lot more that could be done.

Step 4 – I Stand Corrected!

Elizabeth Arden PRO Perfection Facial SerumFor months now I have been using a corrector on my skin. Say hello to my amazing miracle worker – Elizabeth Arden PRO Perfection Facial Serum. The serum itself has the most recent facial technology and research behind it to give you the absolute best for your skin. It has a light-weight, non-oily feel to it, and has been clinically proven to offer fast results to acne skins. It contains multi-functional Salicyllic (BHA) and Lactic Acid (AHA) to help normalise, and exfoliate the skin whilst reducing my redness and preventing and balancing my over-production of oil. It keeps my skin looking clear, smooth, fresh, and radiant with its blend of these key ingredients teamed up with AHA Retinoid Conjugate which also helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines – extra plus!

The Results

Acne treatment perthAs of December 2014, this is what my skin was looking like – breakouts nearly completely eliminated, texture improved, and scarring dramatically reduced! I had also teamed up my skincare treatments and my important new home care regime with an increased daily consumption of water to help flush the toxins and keep my skin looking radiant, along with healthier food choices. Starting to look a lot better than June isn’t it? With my skin feeling and looking a lot better I also noticed I was wearing a lot less mineral make up than what I used to during the day.
As of February 2015, I can proudly say my self confidence in myself has also improved and I feel like I can go out again without wearing makeup.
Elizabeth Arden Pro has released the most amazing Triple Action Protector that is so nice for Acne and oil-prone skins. The product is a breakthrough in today’s market with antioxidants, cellular recovery serum, SPF+ and Retinoid conjugate for the skin. It’s velvety light-weight feel makes the start of your day an absolute breeze knowing that you are getting the absolute best protection and repair for your skin. If there was one product I could choose to have with me whilst deserted on a dessert island this is it!
is what my skin looks like today, as of February 2015, a few days fresh after an amazing Microdermabrasion resurfacing and rejuvenating facial and only wearing my Elizabeth Arden Pro Triple Action Protector on my skin. My skin feels smooth, hydrated and plump, with no makeup and I now love the skin I’m in!

So what are you waiting for?  Let us help you LOVE the skin you are in!  As someone who has experienced acne myself, I understand how it feels and am absolutely committed to make sure you never have to experience what I did.  

Come and see me (Mary) at Skindeep Central (call 9226 2997 to book) – x0 

Acne treatments Perth

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