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Top Treatments for Tired Travellers

Woman drink coffee in airportBy Denise Ryan, Senior Therapist and Floreat Salon Manager

If your lifestyle requires you to be travelling a lot, it can play havoc on your skin.  With the combination of the dry aeroplane air, different timezones, climate changes and the dreaded jet lag, your skin is one of the first places you may see the effects of long or regular trips. We’ve seen some amazing results with certain treatments and products that can help reduce this feeling and improve the appearance of your skin post-travelling.

Omnilux LED light therapy.

OmniluxMy  number one treatment for tired travellers would definitely be Omnilux!

This treatment works with your body’s own natural process to counteract the ageing process by speeding up cell turnover and improving hydration, which is the perfect solution to eliminate the dehydration associated with skins that are constantly travelling.

Omnilux also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin plumping out any fine lines and wrinkles. It is amazing to tone down redness and inflammation, which some people might experience when going from one climate to another. An added bonus of Omnilux is that it works to even out skin tone for those travellers who might have picked up some unwanted pigmentation from time in the sun.

Omnilux is also proven to make you feel better as it stimulates your serotonin which is your “happy hormone”. You will feel more refreshed and energised after your light therapy session with the bonus of any signs of tiredness been eliminated from your skin.


Constant travelling and changing of time zones can really mess with your body clock and sleep patterns, so the best treatments to help boost your energy levels and improve your mood would be the EnergyPod at Skindeep Central.

This allows you to have a 20 min snooze, which is proven to boost your energy for up to 8 hours! It’s also known to improve your overall wellbeing, increase productivity and decrease craving of sugary snacks and energy drinks – making you recover much quicker and healthier from a busy trip.

Priori Replenishing Masque.

If you’re after a product to help keep your skin hydrated and looking fresh while travelling, this masque is what you need! It does amazing work to keep water in your skin and free radicles out, as it contains LCA complex for ultimate hydration and a cocktail of vitamins A C & E to fight environmental damage & replenish the skin barrier.

I have done a lot of long distance flights and I never get on a plane with out this! I apply this mid air to keep my skin hydrated and feeling fresh for when I land.