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Denise’s Favourites!

Products I can’t live without:

The wonderful Denise from Floreat lets us in on her favourite products!
  • Denise-RyanPRIORI Idebenone Facial Moisturiser – I have tried other moisturisers but always come back to this one as it contains all these great ingredients to make a difference in your skin, such as the exclusive Idebenone complex, Vitamin A & AHAs. These ingredients are known for there highly anti ageing properties. As well as exfoliating, hydrating & protecting against free radicals, this moisturiser gives immediate hydration and lasts more than 8 hours. When I put this on at night I honestly notice a huge difference in the morning – both the texture and appearance of my skin looks radiant and smooth. It’s honestly the one moisturiser which I have noticed changes in my skin when I use it.
  • Elizabeth Arden Pro – Triple Action Protection. I definitely couldn’t live without this! It has everything including DNA complex, which helps rebuild and repair the skin cells which helps to reduce signs of ageing. It’s also really hydrating and has your SPF and tint all in one. I use this every day – its my day moisturiser and I love the fact that its one product that I put on in the morning and all day it works to correct my skin as well as protect it from sun damage and free radicals. All whilst being lightweight with a subtle tint to give your skin a natural healthy glow.
  • Aspect Dr Complete Pigment serum. I love this serum as it does amazing work on pigmentation, age spots and uneven skin tone, due to the ingredient Tyrostat. As pigmentation is my main skin concern I found this the best product to reduce discolouration, making my skin more clear and bright. It’s also an amazing serum to prep for IPL & Peels to get the ultimate results.
  • PRIORI Coffeeberry Mineral Foundation. I was never a huge fan of mineral foundations before, as I didn’t think they gave me the coverage I wanted. But once I started working with Priori and started using Coffeeberry minerals I fell in love! They gave me as much or as little coverage as I wanted, whilst still keeping my skin looking natural with a good glow – even though it’s a power. It contains coffeeberry extract, so its all natural and good for your skin. It’s proven to hydrate your skin, reduce redness and pigmentation and contains SPF, so its especially good for someone who needs to wear make up every day.  You know its doing good to your skin as opposed to other make ups that clog your pores and have no skin care benefits. I only ever need to apply one application each day as it stays put so there’s no need to keep reapplying. And it’s amazing to use straight after any advances treatment to conceal, calm & protect your skin.

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