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Choosing Equipment & Skincare for your Salon

Following her participation in the Age Management Seminar at Salon Melbourne, Helen Golisano, owner and founder of Skindeep Medi-Spas, takes five minutes to discuss the key things to look for when choosing equipment and skincare for your salon. What are the key things to look out for when choosing a brand? Company – Is the company a solvent, long standing company with a good reputation? What is its background; who are the owners/trainers and what services/people will be there for customer support? You need to consider if the company is just going to sell you a machine or if they will be there to assist in growing that treatment in your salon. Trial – Can you trial the equipment in salon first before making a final decision?  Make sure to always undergo a treatment yourself, so you can personally assess the results/claims (if possible use a digital skin analysis, such as Visia or Reveal, etc. before and after to really test results). Finance – Can you finance the equipment? Getting finance for some equipment is harder than others. So before you commit, investigate what finance structure will suit your company. Training – Will they give continual training or just a one off? Make sure you research what training (government etc.) is required before you can legally use the equipment in-salon. Also know who will be doing the training and how long this will be offered (i.e. will they come back and train new staff etc). Warranty and Breakdown Backup – Will they supply a substitute if your machine breaks down? How long will your machine be out of action for when any serving is required? Do they do maintenance contracts? Calculate the cost and worth of these on an annual basis and evaluate whether you would be better to place funds in a separate maintenance account service. Clinical Papers – Does it have the paperwork to back-up proven results? Ensure you triple check these claims through the TGA. Consumables Cost – Check to see what is the cost of consumables are as these can often amount to a lot. Also evaluate purchasing plans for consumables as sometimes you can source alternative suppliers for the same basic consumables a lot cheaper. Insurance – This is an extremely important one! Check before buying if you’re covered for the actual treatment or just the equipment. Also ensure you double check all the insurance requirements. State Laws – Laser laws are different state to state so don’t simply rely on the company’s word. Make sure you do your homework and are aware of what is and isn’t allowed in each state. Technology – Don’t be fooled by company trying to sell you technology which is outdated. Keep abreast of innovations and advancements and don’t just take the company’s word that it is “the latest”. How can salon owners choose a skincare brand that’s likely to sell well?
  • Focus on cosmeceutical not cosmetics. Choose a brand that doesn’t just appear to solve ageing issues but assists in actually softening and nourishing the skin for long-lasting results.
  • Check claims and don’t just trust subjective results and ensure these are conducted by an independent entity.
  • Research the ingredients and evaluate whether they have proven results.
  • Consider whether the range utilises the latest technology and advancements in skincare.
  • Take into consideration the way ingredients are delivered into the skin by evaluating whether ingredients are soaked into the skin or whether they tend to sit and create a surface layer.
The main thing to consider is to evaluate the results the range provides. Afterall, if a customer experiences worthwhile results they can see – they are more likely to make repeat purchases and that the products will sell well. Article from Professional Beauty – posted on April 17, 2014. Read the full article here.

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