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My Visia Skin Discovery Experience

After years of feeling frustrated by big pimples and blemishes that keep breaking out on my face, I was driven to seek a solution, as nothing I had been trying was seemed to be working. I was a little self conscious from my problem skin and I was curious as to why it was happening in the first place. In the past I’ve tried a fair few different approaches for my skin. When I was younger, I began cleansing my skin with the Pro-active product line. I found that the products turned my skin really dry and didn’t help reduce the redness and blemishes on my skin, I then visited my doctor who prescribed the creams Eryacne and Differin which just dried out the existing pimples – but this wasn’t a solution for me as I wanted to prevent them from appearing in the first place, not just dry out the ones that were already there!
When products and creams didn’t work, I turned to exploring other factors as the cause of the problem. I cut out dairy from my diet, I only slept on freshly cleaned pillow cases – but it didn’t help! So then I decided to try the Dermalogica Oil Control regime as I had heard a few good reviews of Dermalogica. Unfortunately I found that the products actually made my skin worse and resulted in a new area of my face being inflamed sore skin.
I was recommended to see Skindeep from a friend of mine, who had been there in the past, and had a good experience with them.   Instead of launching straight into a treatment that I didn’t know would work or not, I decided to get the discovery facial with a Visia skin anaylsis. My Skindeep experience was off to a great start after I was able to get parking directly out the front of the salon, and as soon as I entered I was greeted by Denise, who was going to be my therapist. Denise was full of knowledge and really easy to talk to – she made me feel comfortable about my skin (which is no easy feat). After the Observ Skin Diagnosis, she gave me her professional assessment of my skin and if there was anything I didn’t understand, she explained it to me in a way it would make sense.
I learnt so much from my skin analysis, as I had never had my skin type classified to me before.
I learnt that you can have oily skin that’s also dry, so I should focus my skin routine with moisturising around my eyes more, as that’s were you generally have the driest skin. I also learnt that my skin problem stems from the fact that I have big pores on my face which are more likely to trap dirt and also large pores produce more sebum which is why my skin has the tendency to break out. However on the flip side – I learnt that I’m more likely to have youthful skin when I’m older because the oil keeps my skin nice and elastic! The facial was a lovely experience, as I felt like I was truly pampered with all the different products and a shoulder and neck massage to finish up! After the skin analysis and facial, Denise recommended products to me that will help counteract the excess sebum my skin is producing, but also not dry it out at the same time. I’m excited to start my new routine and look forward to seeing the results! All in all my experience with Skindeep was so insightful and I would recommend the Discovery Facial to anyone who felt helpless like me with a skin routine that didn’t seem to be working! Read more about our treatments here: Visia Discovery Facial

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