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Take five with Sieanna from Skindeep Mullaloo

We’ve asked our therapists a few questions, so you can get to know them better! My Favourite Treatment to Perform & Why;

Omnilux Course, Peels and Dermafrac. These three treatments incorporated together are your perfect cocktail for driving anti-ageing results. They are relaxing, but also target on an advanced level. Most people can have these treatments and are customised to the results wanting to be achieved in an affordable way.

My Favourite Treatments to Receive & Why?

Dermafrac; As a young skin type dealing with oilyness on occasions, breakouts and congestion during stressful and hormonal times, this treatment gives me the wow factor catering for all concerns. This treatment focuses on my pores, plumpness, hydration and overall complexion. When used in conjunction with Vitamin A, even better results!

My Best Client Story;

I had a lovely client who was suffering from sensitised, pigmented, acne prone skin. She was of Asian ethnicity and had tried everything to target her acne concerns. She had even undergone a Dr`s Skin Treatment that cost her $2,000 and unfortunately saw no results. I prepped my client on the appropriate products associated with Asian heritage and relevant to the treatments she will experience. I slowly introduced ingredients so her skin`s barrier would strengthen and from there we completed 2 x course`s of Omnilux Light Therapy = 18 omnilux sessions. We also incorporated differing peels (Lactic & Salycylic) along the way to speed up and boost the results. We built up a wonderful relationship and after 3 months her skin had fully cleared up with only minimal scaring. The client was over the moon and all that was left to address was reversing the scarring, which our Emerge Laser Treatment is now taking care of. She is now the very proud owner of great looking skin and with joining our Diamond Club Membership, was able to do this more cost effectively then the one off unsuccessful Dr`s treatment. To this day, she is still benefitting from all year round discounts, products and glowing skin.

 My Top Tips;

  • SPF; Apply Everyday! Rain, Hail or Storm! Number 1 Anti-Ageing Product!
  • Apply a Masque when Sleeping; Therapist`s would never perform a facial without including a masque. Apply a thin layer of masque before you head to bed once p/week & ensure skin stays nice & hydrated.
  • Always have your 3 Key Products for Homecare; Cleanse/Correct/Spf
  • Limit Your Stress in Life; A stress free life takes years off ageing skin!

 Why I Love Skin Deep?

Its not only affordable it has all you need wrapped into one. There isn’t anything we can`t do for someone. All the girls are highly trained & love what they do. Everyone is passionate & aspire to achieve the best they can for their clients.

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